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drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 6:11:29

it isn't good, in new zealand, when a party gets elected in, again. i mean to say there is a tendancy for them to go drunk with power in the second term.

our media are very... our media are not very independent. who pays them? yeah... people do not have free speech in new zealand.

very recently a new zealand retailer removed someones book for sale because they did not like her saying x and y and z. so the solution to them not liking her saying those things was to remove her book from their shelves. that's the kind of oppression and lack of freedom there is.

you comply with what Jacinda wants (whether she has the legal authority to command it or not) otherwise... social sanctions.

someone said 'soft power' so i looked into it.

that's why our parliament keeps going on about how gay they are. why, sure, who wouldn't be gay, earning as much money as they earn. they just had to say 'awwwwwwwwwww we just can't decrease our salaries, at all, we don't have the power to do that, it's toooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaard we'll just keep having to give ourselves pay increase after pay increase after pay increase, we're so powerless pooooooooooooooor pooooooooooooor us'.

because of the oppression in qatar. our minister of finance is gay (in a sugar daddy kind of a way -- how else is he supposed to be gay in his role as minister of finance) and that's not tokenism.

tokenism is an interesting idea. i guess the critique of it is that... well... to go 'black people don't have troubles -- look how well Tiger Woods and Opera are doing'. the exception that proves the rule. the existence of 'token's. i guess that's the idea. that there's that kind of a strategy.

i always wondered why winston peters got the minister of foreign affairs role or job.

But now everybody's wondering about the latest appointment.

We had one guy who single-handedly got as many seats as the entire green party. A bunch of people who... Hid behind him and kept their heads down.

I don't understand why so few ministers have so many portfolios between them. It's like only 3 or 4 people have speaking rights. That's exactly what it is.

New Zealand has always been autocratic like that, really.

The same few people with the same few ideas and (most importantly of all) most of the resources.

While we produce...


No software. No hardware. No art. Nothing. Nothing. NOthing at all.

We are positioning ourselves to cry for vaccination hand-outs like a third world country.

Not contributing to the cost of production. Not contributing the talented unskilled labor. Not contributing the talented and skilled labor Not contributing... Not contributing... Crying for hand-outs while the money goes on.. While the money goes on.. While the money gets spent on...

Well.. Bad decisions, I guess.

Like buying computers that are obsolete at the point of purchase. Because it's the cheapest contract, don't you see? The cheapest. Cheepity cheep cheeep cheep.

Why would you want secure health records? Secure government records? Secure alumni donor lists? Secure records? Why would you want them?

Just swampy miserable swamp.

We don't have the natural resources of quatar.

Just enough rope to hang themselves with. I guess that's the point of NZ as a 'soft power'. Whether Jacinda would use things for good or whether things will get hijacked...

We don't have balanace of power. That's the problem. It's always a race to the bottom. Autocracy.

REfusal to understand or respect the role of the leader of the opposition. REfusal to publish or allow people to speak when they have a differnt opinion. Refusal to allow critique or criticism. PRomootion of the lackey for being ingratiating.

Theres really nothing here.

The whole graduate studnet thing... It's just a case of migrant workers, again. NZ studnets don't want to do graduate research or PhD's in NZ. So we trying trick or con or fool international studnets into investing in our education system. Only for them to learn that there's nothing here. They'll only sign them off if they've ensured they will never get employment out the other end. You know, because of how you have to plagarise or falsify data or whatever for your supervisor to give you permission to submit to externals.

So then the externals can refuse to credit you with your work that you were forced to plagarise from your supervisor.


I get that places like Harvard sell Masters Degrees. I mean to say I get that you can buy your way into something like that if you have the money to do that.

And I suppose that's something to do. And I suppose then you might get to produce something not-corrupt. I suppose. And may be get some references or something.

The trouble comes when the US doesn't recognise foreign Degrees (that's not hte trouble yet, I'm getting there) the trouble really comes when the US refuses to let people with foreign Degrees into US degree programmes. Because having a degree from NZ only indicates that one must have lied cheated swindled etc to have gotten it. Because that's the only way you get one.

Like how if you wnat a medical degree then you better brush up on your wrongful imprisionment and only treatin gthe involuntary and so on...

The salvation army has committed to murder. That is to say they are sure as sure as sure can be that if euthanasia is legalised (and it recently was) then murders will occur. It has committed to being 'i told you so' therefore these things will occur. That's really teh kiwi way in the health system. People committ to 'I told you so' and in the service of that terrible things come to be. THey don't get their way -- well, then, they told you so, don't say they didn't warn you.

The Euthanasia thing is just that people in these parts REFUSE to allow people self-determination. People are constantly squabbling and constantly forcing. Constantly imposing their will on others. Constantly undermining and stealing and bullying and harrassing and generally being awful.

Without euthanasia doctors just deliver pain medication that results in death while expressing how they were too stupid to see the death coming. They didn't meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean to cause the person to die. They just meant to help them with their pain. Didn't see it coming. Awwwwwwwww. Too stupid to be responsible for ones actions. That's teh way it went down.

With Euthanasia being legal now there's the problem that the person doesn't want the doctor to decide when or whether they go anymore (while the doctor pretends to be too stupid to know). Instead, the person wants to decide when and how and so on.

But nobody is having that.

The doctor decides (too stupid to know).
The church decides. The people working in hospice. They decide when your things are right with God (when your will profits them).

Clearly a nice big leave all your money to them means they are a little less stupid with the pain relief?

Or similar?

Don't get sick or weak in NZ. Don't let them corner you...



Lovely place to visit. Planning on bringing an entire emergency response unit with you -- just in case??


Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 13:25:11

In reply to drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 6:11:29

The trouble with soft power is soft disempowerment. The things that undermine the soft power.

Jacinda Arden had a really good response to the terrorism incident. A response that was noted internationally.

But then...

You need to look into how it is that terrorists are getting citizenship, in New Zealand. How is it that a person could do such a thing, in New Zealand. Were there really no warning signs displayed? Did he really not cry or ask for help at any point in time? Did he really not indicate that something needed to happen to help him otherwise he was going to really really really really really lose his sh*t?

The trouble is just how many people are in that position, in New Zealand. Over and over and over and over and over and over again. It is true most of them don't murder that many people... Well, no, it is true most of them don't get caught... is still at it. Judicial reviews, now. Wonder if he can take judges down with him, on his way out. We just can't do it. Our courts just can't do it. Our judiciary. Exposed for what it is. Just another time sink-hole. Just hand-out after hand-out after hand-out after hand-out to lawyers and the judiciary. Not expediating justice, at all. Just delaying things. Just delay. It's like the Universities. Delay delay delay delay delay and then you get some sick over-processed thing that some people think it is a work of art. It's not, though, it's a mausoleum piece. The sort of thing you put on someones grave or tomb. The product of slavery that was the only thing the person got to accomplish or actually do in their entire life. Just a wasted life spent producing heavily processed... Garbage. Problem of their own making.

Apparently an IT guy from Otago University set up an online learning module company with his wife to syphon money into. Authorised payments to himself and didn't produce the work. Hey, it's a New Zealand IT company, no work was expected to actually be produced. Maybe they made a crappy crap cr(ap) or maybe they planned on stealing one from somewhere. Subcontracting for a studnet to do the work for $5,000 over the summer.

The money went into superannuation savings plan in Australia.

Apparently the money can't be taken / gotten / given back.

I guess anti-money laundering rules don't apply? Is that how it works?

So that's literally what New Zealand is. A back-door to Australia. People steal money from New Zealand and lock it into superannuation funds overseas.

This is what the media article said.

It's fake news -- right?

Made up hokey bogus b*llsh*t.

Apparently one of the workers cried tears of joy when the police came to take him away.

Which is made up -- right? Because the police don't do that.

They didn't imprison him for the fraud.

The police prosecuted. But the police don't do that.

They said that they (the police, the prosecution) couldn't get the money. But the University should in a civil case. But that's backwards -- right? That's now how we do things in NZ.

How we do in NZ is we get Alex to try the civil case.

For no pay.

We get Alex to do it. WE get Alex spending her entire f*ck*ng life doing that.

Why not?

We don't want Medical treatments or immunisations. We only want the 'half the batch will be a control to see how many people die of Coronavirus from not having any treatment' sorts of trials to be done in this country.

When the vaccinations arrive we know what will happen. People will stockpile them instead of giving them to the people they are supposed to be given to. They will try and sell them to the highest bidder.

We know that we can't keep a chain of refridgeration anymore than we can keep a chain of evidnece for prosecution. We simply can't do any of the the most basic of things.

It would be irresponsible to give us vaccines.

But then we are dreaming if we think we are getting quality vaccines when we have made it clear we want the cheapest vaccines we can get and we have no plans whatsoever to bear any of the costs of development. And we do not think that ethical development is a consideration, at all.

Not at all even slightly credible on the world stage.


Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 13:39:08

In reply to Re: drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 13:25:11

And we've had months and months and months and months and months to prepare for CoronaVirus. Months and months and months and months and months to learn to cough into our elbows and use hand sanitiser and sort out the sick leave laws and sort out the moonlighting laws and so on and so forth. Months and months and months and months and months and months and months.

So.. How much more of a lead-time are we going to get, before community transmission takes off in our hospitals? How much more of a lead-time?

Or are we going to get it in the University residential halls first? The studnet ghettos of the University's making. The Council thinks it's credible to keep the studnets all in quarantine, like, together, like. But the students will be getting to the liquor shops for their drunken parties (18 years is the age at which drunken parties are legal) and then congregating in spaces and speading the disease around.

You take people and you cram them into spaces. You over-crowd them. And you thereby de-sensitise them to over-crowding. They're all bumping up against one another spreading their disease around.

Then who is going to teach them? Who is going to put themselves at risk?

It's okay, we don't really have teachers in the University. You can pay someone minimum wage (hey, they'll pay you for the 'privilage' of reading someone else's lecture notes to an audience). We dont' have to worry about who is going to teach them. There will be no shortage of volunteers but of course hte reasl answer is 'nobody'. Nobody will teach them anything at all. It would be irresponsible to teach them anything at all.

I'm going insane from saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Which is of course the point.

I feel like I did when I started intermediate school.
I was very very very very very very very very very unhappy when I first started intermediate school.
I was put in a classroom and I didn't really feel that I had intellectual peers in the classroom, at all. I didn't really get on with anyone, or like anyone overly much in the classroom.
There was a group of 'pretty girls' who were one year ahead (it was a form one and form two mixed classroom).
And then there was a girl of my form and her friend and they were sort of the 'younger adoptees' of the older girls.
And then there was the rest...
ANd the seating assignment was for me to sit next to this girl who would copy everything.
That was what she did.
And so clealy my role was supposed to be to teach her or to let her copy off me, or whatever.
And clearly (with hindsight) it was supposed to teach me not to go any faster than the slowest person in the class.
That was the lesson or moral or point of that.
But it drove me absolutely insane.
Because I didn't have the freedom to work, anymore, because I couldn't do any work, anymore. My job was to babysit her.
And I hated it. And I hated her for it.
And I didn't much like the other girls I was supposed to be friends with, either.
I was supposed to be friends with them because...
Because of the original seating assignment.
That was the point of that.

And the teacher hated me.
And the teacher had all my interests.
The teacher was the hockey coach and I played hockey before I went to intermediate. So I was stuck with her for that.
And the teacher led the symphonic band and I played violin.
So there was no escaping her.
And I don't suppose she was horrible...
But she wasn't very bright and she resented me.

Always this awful thing of teaching me a lesson...
Sloooooooooooooooooooow doooooooooooooooooooooooooooown Alex. Wait for everyone else.

And here we are. I'm 40 years old.
Slooooooooooooooooooooooooow doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown Alex. Wait for everyone else.
Say the people with millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayers money syphoned into their accounts.
Sloooooooooooooooooooooooow doooooooooooooooooooooooooown Alex. Wait for everyone else.

Yeah, right.


Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 13:47:21

In reply to Re: drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 13:39:08

Sloooooooooooooooow dooooooooooooooooooown Alex. Wait for everyone else to take the bits of your 2018 thesis that they like and dissemate those parts as their own ideas. Sloooooooooooooooooooooow dooooooooooooooooooooooown Alex. We haven't finished reading it yet.

It isn't intentional. I get that. I get that sometimes it isn't intentional.

They hear an idea and their initial knee-jerk response reaction is 'no!'. Because that's the way they are and that's how they respond to anything new or anything different.

And then it incubates in their brain without their being aware of it.

And then however many weeks or months or years later they're spilling it from their own mouths genuinely thinking it't their own idea. Not knowing from where it came.

Someone said to me 'ideas are cheap'. 'It's the write-up and getting credit for them'.


That's right.

There's the people with the ideas. And there's the people who get credit for other people's ideas.

Teh people with the ideas can't florish or thrive or even exist very well, here. Which is why we don't produce anything. It isn't the lack of natural resources... It's the tyranny of people who don't have any ideas of their own. Who grubbity grub grub grub the resources. When a country doesn't have natural resources it gets into withholding. That's the thing. Imprisonment. Withholding. Physical and sexual abuse. Those sorts of things. Forced complinance. Bullying. Harrassment. Theft.

There's nothing here.


Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:04:18

In reply to Re: drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 13:47:21

the people who stayed in NZ who thought their goal was to get through the education system quickly quickly quickly as they could by huddling into the herd and then by getting their advisor to write their thesis for them... by being such a pain in the *rs* to the advisor that the advisor was like 'geez louise let's sign you off ASAP to get you out of my hair!!'

becuase these kids had super special insight into how the jobs... the jobs were to be found in the university administration hierarchy! that's the point of university. What you study in particular doesn't matter so much as getting through it quickly as quickly as you can and grubbity grub grub grubbing your way up the money tree that is the administration hierarchy.

and it's about keeping slaves. in the egyptian sense. having masses and masses and masses... having a volume of low paid slaves.

hard power. population size. masses and masses... expendible. low paid. low value. that was the whole dream, there, about growth. the universities grew and grew (or thought it was desirable for them to market themselves as having grown and grown)...

but they cannibalised themselves.

they are supposed to employ researchers or they aren't universities. I see why people supervising research are supposed to be productive themselves... the idea of that is that the supervisor has their own outlet so the supervisor will be less likely to take over the studnets work. a supervisor who isn't having their work get through peer review is likely to try and force their work through their studnet. then you have this awful situation whereby the studnet is being potentially failed because the internatinal community doesn't accept the supervisors work...

my examiners knew that my work was my work because they know the kind of work that my supervisor does not do. my supervisor works in critical reasoning and somehow this has resulted in her focusing on bad argument after bad argument after bad argument after bad argument. so now she goes around thinking everything she hears is a bad argument and thinking how everything she hears must be an example of this or that or the other fallacy. it's the sort of heavy handed critique that i used to get from cognitive behavior therapy when practiced by a not very bright cognitive behavior therapist who thought that it would somehow 'help' make my thinking 'better' if they pointed out the name of the fallacy they interpreted me as believing every tiem i opened my mouth.

so not very chariable. because they were trying to be helpful. and clearly my job or role in the whole thing is to make my supervisor feel helpful. clearly that's the point, there, to stroke and smooth the ego of the person who is being paid. clearly.

but the research... is all about how terrible studnets are at reasoning. how bad they are at it. how they think all these terrible fallacies are valid lines of reasoning.

and so somehow... instead of philosophy being an attractive thing... instead of people being attracted to philosophy from wonder and from beauty. from the inspiring or motivating or beautiful or creative or whatever... from the good... instead of puttig on display or showcase to the studnets all the very very best of the philosopy... somehow... critical reasoning becaomes this parade of the bad and the terrible and the very very very very worst of it. let's look at this terrible bad fallacy -- don't do that. let's look at this other terrible bad fallacy. don't do that either. in fact don't do anything. every time you open your mouth bad terrible awful reasoning falls out. just don't produce anything at all! that's the aim or meaning or purpose or spirit of it! don't produce anything at all! it's all garbage awful garbage sh*t! don't produce anything anything andyhting at all!

they pay her.

to take all the enrolmlents... as many international studnets as they can cram into the course... anyone who has english as a second language they recommend that course to them. anyone who has trouble with the course (the arbitrary grading and how working hard doesn't appear to bear any relation to performance in the course).. anyone who has trouble with the course clearly has sub-par english ability. that's the problem. they lied on their ESL or TOEFL or whatever tests! clearly. because we would only enrol the ones who had subpar scores or who cheated. intentionally. becuase the plan was to take their money and deliver courses like this one that i'm describing to you know. critical reasoning. boo yah.

sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooow doooooooooooooooooooooooooooown alex. slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown. we haven't collected up all the money, yet. we haven't managed to ruin philosophy and ruin the university and ruin everything every thing everything... just so busy ruining all the things... ruining the things. there's nothing home. nothing to see. garbage garbage garbage. we love to revel in teh garbage and collect up all the money.

f*ck*ng awful.

shut them down.


Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:19:24

In reply to Re: drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:04:18

i keep waiting for the bomb to drop. because i don't see how things can sort themselves out or be put right from within. it would be so much easier to just bomb it. just raise it to the ground. then start over. from the ground up.

universities new zealand. that's the thing of it.

that's the brand of it. to realise that. to recognise that. to see that for what it is.

they say that the problem is that the universities in new zealand have been competitive rather than collaborative. they say that the problem is that they have been competing for studnets and competing for funding but they would do better if they worked together.

but that's not true.

they have engaged in monopoly behavior. they have engaged in price fixing and grade fixing and all those kinds of things. collectively. as a herd or a cartel or whatever. that's the truth of it. they have intentionally set out to exploit and take advantage of and so on and so forth.

they have worked together to ensure that they get maximum funds out of every studnet. the reason why the waiheke island people get priority entry to Otago is because if they go to Otago they are required to live in student residential halls that they are required to pay for. if they were to get into Auckland then they would live at home. So... they see... what studnets will take a prestigious sounding scholarship for their cv.. Maybe one that pays them $5,000 for a place in a University that requires $17,000 (let's say) of payment for residential halls fees.

they also decided that the primary aim or goal or whatever was to get the maximum amount of fees they could out of every studnet. and they planned pathways to ensure that. medical studnets quite often are required to repeat a year. they obscure it by getting studnets to do honors year etc etc as well... if you don't agree to hand them extra money for enrolling in extra things then they'll force the money out of you by failing you and making you repeat the things. one thing is clear: they are getting the maximum money out of you. and they get a lot of money out of medical students when they force them to repeat teh year. and they shame them into being quiet about it. so it doesn't become common knowledge that they are failing them if they refuse to hand over money for doing additional things like honors.

and then when they have their medical degrees (that they only get becuase they either stood by or more likely committed atrocities on demand... atrocities like involuntary confinement without grounds, sexual molestation / abuse, wrongful death)... once they have their medical degrees (safe in the knowledge they'll turn a blind eye if not become an active participant themselves) then they require them to enrol in... more courses... more courses for the chance of being selected into a specialist training programme. so pay the university... pay the university to do a surgical anatomy module. pay the university to do this, that, and the other thing. pay st johns (multi million dollar charity) and they will offer you certificates in first aid. things like that. ambulatory care. what?? you mean that the universities are actually subcontracting out the content? well. who did you think was going to teach studnets to wash their hands? there's a 'hand hygeine australia' module studnets are required to do. it's free -- but most of the learning modules aren't.

that's the medical curriculum.

are there textbooks?

well, now you seem to be thinking that it's a meritocracy and there's a bsasic level of knowledge or competence that's required. there might be a multi guess test. 'how you you spell streptoccus pyogenes??' that kind or sort of a test. to help you focus on what's important in your studies.

there's ntohing here.


Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:32:46

In reply to Re: drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:19:24

i said in my thesis of 2018 that people were putting money into off-shore retirement funds for themselves.

money laundering into there.

it's not a very nice way to spend ones life being forced to play with stupid psychopaths.

that is what i think of the people who have run nz universities into the ground / refused to allow them to develop.

they are stupid psychopaths.

the universities were supposed to do their best to identify talent and teach people genuine skills. so we could have well developed laws and buildings and software and... all the things...

and instead they chose to invest in things that will only result in their own annihiliation. and they pursued that. they thought they would just exploit it for everything they could get for as long as they thought they could get away with it. that's the path they chose for themselves.

only i am crediting them with too much. because they just don't think. they just don't think, at all.


Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:41:45

In reply to Re: drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:32:46

waikato didn't want a medical school -- they wanted more fees. they wanted studnets to pay medical studnet fees. that was what they wanted. they thought the could kill two birds with one stone by passing medical studnets off as doctors in the public hospitals. getting them to impersonate doctors. our doctors don't have white coats. our doctors don't have name badges that are readable. they have these tags that dangle about their breasts or their groin so it would be impolite to stare enough to read the actual name or see if the picture looks anything like the person who is wearing it as a grotesque trophy.

they thought they could get people paying them thousands upon thousands of dollars to be called 'medical studnet' and then they could be dissemated through the hospitals and even the general practioner clinics. there they could go 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' and 'there there feel better' and other such things. ideally they would be prescribing no medication. ideally they would be using no medical resources (no hand sanitiser, no soap, no water, no face mask, no swabs, no samples, no labs). if they can perform cheapity cheap cheap 'procedures' that make it less likely that people will present asking for help (maybe detain them involuntarily so they learn not to present for help, maybe a little physical or sexual abuse for good measure so they learn not to present or so we can tell ourselves they like it and are asking for it and they want to live in an institution so we can pass them on to people who collect thousands of dollars from the government to abuse people in government funded institutions'...

these people that keep our publically funded health system as cheap as you can get. cheapity cheap cheap cheap.

of course you can't have these people (with experience of this aspect of the public health system) becoming doctors.

that wouldn't do.

there's a clear 'us vs them' when it comes to the set-up. it's okay to take a 'them' and make 'them' 'us' -- but only if they are working to perpeptuate teh abuses and the system...

people are so focused on keeping things terrible that... that's what it's become. that's what it's about.

you see pictuers... what our health system represents or similar. i see a stagnant pond with some sorts of circular swirls. that's apparently what it's like in the system. you get a patient from A and you pass the patient to B. that's your role. that's your job. and the system invovles this endless buck-passing of passing the patient around until the patient dies of misdiagnosis or undiagnosis or whatever. just wasting as much time as possible....

so the only issue really is: and where's the money? who has got the money? who profits from this endless tiem wasting and buck passing? who is accumulating all the money, accumulating all the money, accumulating all the money? who profits from the waste of time teh delays the wrongful deaths the undiagnosed the misdiagnosed... who profits? who profits? where does the money go?

it's a nasty wasteland.

This is the end of the thread.

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