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Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 3:52:26

Let's see how corrupt things are in New Zealand.

Of course an administration person at the court tried telling me it couldn't be accepted for filing because...

Because every second page was missing (it was not).
Because the first page was missing (it was not).

F*ck*ng hell...

The respondant did not respond within the time.

So the court may proceed to judgement without the respondant responding to my claims.

I claim they are required to overturn the decision to decline my application to Medicine. So... That means they are required to enrol me.

I also claim that the people who were responsible for the mis-processing of my application (that is to say the senior people involved in the internal appeals process) be stood down since they are clearly unwilling / unable to do their jobs. It wasn't just that they were unwilling / unable to do their jobs. It was that in their official responses to my appeal they attempted to guilt me into believing that there was something bad or wrong with me that I was requesting the appeals process be followed. They attempted to guilt me into believing that I was requesting special consideration in a way that was not fair when I was only requesting my application be processed the way all applications are supposed to be processed. One also said I should re-think my desire to study Medicine at Auckland since the same people who rejected my application would be responsible for inspiring and motivating me.

Clearly that won't do. These uninspiring, unmotivating, people... Need to go.


Let's see if the High Court is capable of doing it's f*ck*ng job in a timely f*ck*ng fashion.

The judge is allowed to alter the substance of the complaint... The judge is allowed to say what outcome he thinks is fair...

In the pursuit of justice. Of course. Given the particularities of the circumstances of the case. Given that (please God) the judge is not a f*ck*ng idiot. In the interests of justice.


We had quarantine breech. Becuase the people in charge of managing quarantine don't know what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans. Of course.

You know... People hanging out having parties in the smoko room... People making friends in quarantine.

Then... Given that. Given the socialising that was going on in the quarantine facility...

New people were brought into the facility as new flights arrived...

While people who had done their time were released.

So that means a person who just arrived could mingle with a person just about to leave in teh smoko room.

Because that's what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans.

And they said that teh staff were all wiping and sanitising things coming INTO the facility. But that's not why people INSIDE the facility were in quarantine.

Just a basic inability to understand...

People just don't.

THings like handwashing. People don't. People won't. People don't and look about and look for... Other people to be complicit in their violations. Then an immediate bond. That's the spirit / attitude. Even with the 2 meter rule. Someone would find some excuse to breech that and then check the reaction. To turn against you if you display displeasure. To friend you if you display pleasure.

People just won't.


So apparently our military will take over quarantine.
Becuase of their experience with logistics.

I am concerned. I think our military has been extremely underfunded over the years.
We have not invested in them very much at all.
We have not thought of them as a civil defence force, at all.
We have likely not trained them accordingly.
I don't know how they will go in charge of logistics.

But I am certain it will go better than it does under Ministry of Health and Hoteliers.


The Minister of Health was called out 2x for violating level 3 restrictions. For driving to a mountain biking route and mountain biking from there when we were supposed to exercise in local communities only and only drive for essential items like groceries again in local communities only.

Also for driving out to a beach with his family...

Likely to have some kind of meeting with Doctors out there... The whole Southland Corruption thing...

Anyway... Our Prime Minister says he isn't part of the problem he is part of the solution.
But he doesn't appear to do the things he's supposed to do.
So that makes him part of the problem.
He's part of the problem of 'I am just like you, I don't follow the rules either, We don't follow the rules together, we just do whatever we like whenever we like and mop up all the money and pull out a cheeky grin and nobody is going to do anything about it at all this is just how we do'.

I can't imagine how he could be any worse with respect to the problem.

Even if he is an informant.

Even then.

Apparently there is this other person they are trying to get in on party list who may be likely to take the Health Portfolio after the election.

It doesn't look like they need to get rid of the present guy before the election to win it. Best keep her in teh wings and hope that she manages to keep her head down sufficiently.

THen time will tell if she's similarly inept / corrupt. Don't know.


Bloomfield... I'm not sure what to make of him.
He's clearly not personally responsible for the latest fiasco that saw 2 women given compassionate excemption to leave quarantine...
To drive from Auckland to Wellington (8 + hours) to attend a family funeral.
THey apparently 'got lost' when they tried to leave Auckland. And their getting lost meant that their phone got confused, too, so that GPS did not work for it and neither did 111 for emergency services. Instead all they could do with their phone given their immense state of distress was call up a couple friends from Auckland so they could have a quick catch up with them and a bit of a hug before driving off.. And, you know, hteir immense upset about the family death blocked that out of their minds'..

They tested positive for Covid when they arrived in Wellington.

It seems...

It seems...

Was it some kind of a 'safe' jack -up. NOt sure jack up is the term... set up. A set up to ensure our boarders stay locked down. People were not realising what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans or that many many many many violations were occuring.


The Ombudsman is proving himself a complete an utter *ss.
He was interviewed on some show and the guy is clearly used to displaying patience with idiots but you could see him losing his patience with the Ombudsman.

He's been doing 'we give you 3 weeks notice before we come and inspect your prison' inspections. He doesn't think that this alters the situation he is inspecting. He's that f*ck*ng stupid? He can't be! How can he say that to the camera with a straight face??

There is something seriously wrong with him.

He was 'livid' that 3 of his staff turned up into their pre-booked hotel the day before a prison inspection... And the staff found themselves in the middle of a new flight of people arriving to start quarantine. So... They could have obtained the virus from them. So tehy couldn't do their prison inspection the next day.

So... What did they do? Did they stay in quarantine with the new arrivals?

Course not!

They got on a plane and flew to Wellington to 'quarantine' themselves with their 'family members' back hom.e

BEcause that's what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans.

And instead of them doing a report on the adequacy (or otherwise) of quarantine facilities (from the inside, literally). They are doing nothing. Because the Ombudsman is always looking for an excuse to do nothing. To delay. To do nothing. They couldn't do the prison visit. They do nothing. Or.. I think they are thinking about human rights of people in quarantine...

Because you know they care about that.

At a time when 'compassionate exceptions' gets people with Covid transmitting it in communities when *they did not have to get on the plane to come here* in most cases.


Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:08:36

In reply to Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 3:52:26

There is something in the News at the moment about a senior person at AUT (Auckalnd University of Technology) and a middle level person at ANU (Australian National University)... The lady from ANU made sexual harrassment allegations against the guy from AUT.

Since then other people have said things and.. It sounds like he's an obsessive letcher, basically, and AUT simply turned a blind eye to it / buried any issues that were raised about it. Because, you know, this is how we do.

Anyway... She's high up enough level for her home University to be taking it seriously enough to be backing her such that they are going to try and prevent him from doing this to anybody else. Because, of course, likely he'd been letchering on young females for... Well... You know, people who get a taste for it (and who believe they are immune to any consequences) really don't tend to stop out of the goodness of their hearts all of a sudden.

Anyway... POint is presently he has lost some position title but retained his professorship status. I don't know how that translates into his pay-check.


The point is...

The Director of the Medical Admissions Committee.. The Dean of the Medical School... The Deupty Academic Vice Chancellor (I Think that was the title)...

Dear John,
Dear John,
Dear John...

It's not just that they are unwilling / unable to do Medical Selections properly.. It's that they are unwilling / unable to understand that independent and objective external examiners decide whether or not theses are awarded.

If they don't understandt that...

If they don't understand that transcripts for Degrees already conferred cannot have grades and terms of enrolment retrospectively altered...

If they don't understandt hat once a transcript for a Degree has been done. Been signed off on. Notarised. Conferred. All of that...

The University can't then just choose or decide to generate new ones with different grades. Different terms of enrolment..



They really cannot be employed in any capacity at all. At any University at all. It seems to me.

I really do think that such behavior is criminal.

I would like to visit them in prison.

It may motivate and inspire them to devote the rest of their lives to improving living and working conditions for the prison population of New Zealand.

That would be.. It seems to me... I just and fitting fate. For people who wanted to be involved in Meidcine. For helping people. They could help people in that way. By helping themselves. It's ingenious.





Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:26:37

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:08:36

Of course I know they won't really go to prison.

Well... For just one night. Or preferably a few. Preferably at some point where it is indeterminate to them for how much longer they are expected to remain.

Then they'll likely get home detention.

Which seems fitting. I mean, maybe we should swap houses. Maybe that would be more fitting. Or perhaps them paying back the money they effectively stole would mean they woul have to sell their houses and rent somethign more closely approximating the people who they have screwed over for years and years and years.

Then they can see how it is to have a New Zealand ciminal record.

Will they be able to leave NZ and go other places? Not sure. Maybe not. Oh wells. That would be fitting for the number of other people they screwed over who don't get to do all the things that.. Well that they don't get to do anymore. Travel for conferences and the like.

I guess with a criminal record and convictions for their conduct within Universities they probably won't get to work in Universities anymore.

Their police check, you see.


All that seems to me to be fitting.


I don't understand this thing that some of the courts seem to do sometimes when they...

I don't know. Let Doctors kill people with drunk driving and not imprison them on murder or manslaughter charges because of who they are.

It always seemed to me not that professional people shuold get off light...

But that they should pay greater penalties than anybody else.

Precisely because of who they were. Becuase they had fiduciary duty that they abused.

The sports people who are found with meth for sale. You don't keep that secret because they are a revered sports hero.

You pulicise it. You strip them of their heroes fame and they lose the good will. Becuase they f*ck*d it up, you see. People trusted them and believed in them and they f*ck*d that up. People need to know what knid of person they are. That they are not to be trusted. That they are not to be in positions of power like that.

What are they called...



Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:33:48

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:26:37

because what they have been doing is picking the youngest kids they can find becuase they want them to be 'morally plastic'.

then they are horrible to them. i know they are. they rule over them with bullying and so on so that they keep quiet and do what they are told.

they are supposed to huddle into the middle of the herd while they take pot shots at anybody who stands out in any way. to teach them to huddle in the herd and keep their heads down.

then you get small groups of them...

and... i don't know... bark at them 'right, cervical smear, i need to see you give one to sign you off on this rotation. you. now. off you go'.

and the medical student may stammer 'but she's been generally anesthetised for a hip replacement... has she given informed consent?'

only they'll have been taught never to stammer anything at all well before then.

and all the things you get to see and do...

the abortions.

the things that happen when patients are in fact under general anasthetic being given drugs to ensure they won't remember.

the psychiatric facilities to detain dissentors. people who, in many instances, haven't done anything wrong. being involuntarily detained against their will by a psychiatrist who likely professess to speak no english because... why becuase... this is how we do.

it's criminal.

they say change has to come from the top. but it doesn't.
they say change has to work it's way up. but it doesn't get selected in from the start. again: they want the ones who will join them in this is how we do.

it's criminal.

change has to come from all fronts at once.

i suppose.


Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 15:31:41

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:33:48

And here's a nice story. Not sure if you guys can see it in your country...

You show respect... And then respect is shown to you.

Sure. Of course.

And I believe that is what I did.

I showed respect.

And I was disrespected.

Over and over and over and over and over. By those people whose job is to do various things. Process applications. Calculate GPAs etc etc etc.

They haven't shown the most basic level of respect or courtesy to me.

At all.


Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by Lamdage22 on June 20, 2020, at 12:28:45

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:08:36

I can relate to your troubles with University. First I did an online test. In two tasks we had to write answers into a table. It was not possible to see 70% of the tables. Just 10 columns. They let me rewrite the test because it clearly was their fault.(I had a B- despite this BS). I rewrote the test today, the paper based version. I had to make 6 Tables with 12 lines and 4 columns. In the online pratice test, it worked with the lines and in the offline practice test, there were premade tables.

So I had 40 minutes less time to write the test compared with the practice test because I had to create these tables by hand.

That's what you go to university for. Because you have to be able to draw nice tables. I don't know what is wrong with them. I looked it up online, many people are not very happy with this university.


Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court Lamdage22

Posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2020, at 18:45:12

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by Lamdage22 on June 20, 2020, at 12:28:45

I am sorry to hear about your experience at University.

I just cannot understand how such shoddy practices are allowed.

I mean... It is because the University administration takes more than it's fair share of the money (their salaries are exhorbatant) and they do not pay people fair wages for honest work when it comes to teaching quality (often) and most particularly when it comes to grading quality.

The very very very very first batch of essays I ever graded I was given to training in how to grade. I asked a PhD student for advise / help. He said to me that I basically hada choice... The University was paying me to grade 3 x 2,500 word essays (I think, from memory) per hour. I could choose to work to their schedule... Or I could take about 3 x as long... And do it properly.

I did it properly because I knew how important my GPA was to me. I thought that whether a student got an A- or a B+ for the essay could make the difference for the student getting an A- or a B+ for the course overall. Could make the difference for their GPA. Could make the difference for a scholarship place. For entry to a program.

I felt I owed each student an individual explanation as to what I needed to see from them for them to get the next mark up (what the other students did who got that mark that they did not).

But mostly now people just seem to throw them up the stairs and see which ones fly the furtherest...

Entry to programs is them 'choosing' the kids of the senior officials and perhaps a cohort that makes the previously mentioned kids look like the best and brightest...

The faculty just don't care about grading properly.

They design poor questions.

I really feel your pain.

It's soul destroying / demoralising to know that both natural ability and hard work is deemed irrelevant in this game of chance designed so the kids of the chosen ones can party party party and still appear to be the best...

I did not enrol in second year physiology because they could not assure me that they wouldn't say (for example) 'draw a Wigger's diagram for 10 points' (on 7mm lined paper) in the final examination:


Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2020, at 19:07:14

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court Lamdage22, posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2020, at 18:45:12

I was reading recently that some academics in England are refusing to externally examine students work, now.

It is a little unclear to me what is going on...


The article said that the Universities were requiring their passports so they would know that they were allowed to work in England lawfully. But I don't think they were actually requiring their passports... They were requiring their *passport information* (those two things are quite different).

And apparently that was the last blow, or similar. Because they feel they are only paid nominally (say a few hundred pounds) for the task of reading and writing a examiners report on a thesis that could be up to 100,000 words.

I'm trying to understand...

People the Arts aren't typicall paid for peer reviewing. I think people in the Sciences often are. Or, perhaps it is fairer to say that certain journals hire or pay people to work as editors or sub-editors or whatever.

Peer reviewing is supposed to be 'quid pro quo'. Or... You help me get my publication out in a timely fashion (for the good of the person/s being published, for good of the journal) and then maybe... The journal can help you getting your articles published to high quality in a timely fashion by giving it to an appropriate peer reviewer (for you) and, uh, getting it out there in a timely fashion, uh quid pro quo.

So if you are persistently late getting your reviews back. If you delay and hold things up for no good reason. If you are unnecessariliy obstructive. If you arent' much use, basically. Well, then, good luck getting your work accepted and recognised in the field.

That's fair -- right?

That's how come we don't have a NZ journal of Philosophy. Or of the Arts more generally so far as I can tell. People are too busy rubbish rubbish pooh pooh delay obstructing to produce anything much in the way of anything.

Do the people travel and give talks to help motivate and inspire the undergrads to pursue graduate study in philosophy? Do they produce a steady stream of output with new and intersting and varied things to say? Or are they still banging on about the PhD that their supervisor wrote for them 30 or 40 or 50 years ago??

I think the breakdown of Universities is because the balance of power is not good between administration and the teaching / researching / grading staff. Things are not objectively examined. They are not investing properly in well-designed examinations and a fair process of examiantion.

They don't think that the best path is to try and select the brightest and most hard working thinkign that that will convert into products of industry down the track.

Instead people are just trying to get as much as they can for themsleves in the short term with the plan to bail before anybody holds them to account.


Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2020, at 19:27:09

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by Lamdage22 on June 20, 2020, at 12:28:45

I don't really know what is happening with England.

I suspect it's what is happening (to smaller scale) to New Zealand.

Where you have an elite class of people doing their thing... Very nepotistically and the like...

And then you have a really bad public system that is kept in it's really bad state from the continual exploitation of the private sector.

We keep hearing about how terribly useless the NHS is, for example.

I mean, I do understand that they are perhaps *trying intentionally* to market it in that way to prevent the influx of illegals wanting to enter into England hopeful of a better life for themselves there...

But it does seem that there is a lot of truth behind the display... Of ineptitude / incompetence...

And people come *here* from *there* so things can't be all that amazing over *there*.

So... University academics don't think it is their job to examine... Maybe peer review (not sure)... Even Secondary School... They are talking about not examining students with the whole Covid thing it's the perfect excuse for not examining students. They think the University places can be decided 'more fairly' by lottery.

I see... Is that because there is a private (pay as you go) University system in England that the private people already were paying into...

And they want the public system to be kept a scramble so meritocracy (natural ability and hard work) doesn't start to make nepotism of the private schools look bad?

Is that the idea?

I'm trying to understand...

We don't have a handle on objective examination in NZ, either.

They like to say that the kids didn't learn anything during lock-down and we need them back at school. They like to say that the kids are not liking school now because they are afraid they are so far behind...

But they aren't saying anything about the kids who well and truly flew ahead because for the first time ever they were allowed to work at their very own working pace and they didn't have to wait for the slowest or be afraid of the ramifications for not being the slowest...

They won't objectively examine and figure out how each individual works and stream people into a cohort on the basis of that...

Because it's about undermining potential and holding kids back.

I don't understand how to view it any other way...

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