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experimenting on the nurses

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 8:45:46

and of course they will be doing everything they can so people believe that we are justified in experimenting on those nurses.

most in particular we will be saying they did not do any of the things the laws or regulations required them to do...

and somehow this is supposed to justify our experimenting on them.

i do not undertand why we only process grotesquely unsuitable people for medical fields. people who do not have a personal sense of space etc.

but we choose to hire them... only in order to set them up to blame them -- seems to me.

which leaves a bad taste in my mouth because they were unsuited for their jobs.

but i'm sure they were well suited for jobs we did not look at giving them.

we matched them to an ill-suited job in order to make them the sacrificail lamb.

it's criminal. really.

we could have just done the things that we were supposed to do on the basis of international evidence. we need to listen to Hong Kong and Taiwan particularly -- because they are indepent city states -- like us. With the capacity / potentil to punch above our indepdent weight in teh world

But as usual... NZL doesn't undertand / doesnt' get with teh f*ck*ng program already.

I waste my life sittin gby watching peple colelct up al l the money while being too f*ck*ng stupid to get with teh f*ck*ng program.

yay you!! you will beat cancer!! ll by your self!! yaya you.... bes cancer care in teh world from science leaders here y'all! yay you !! best ad cheaptes program in the world! you knew the odds. you beat them! you contribute nothign to development and profiteer! yay you! everyone aspires to be so adept at free-riding as you!!


Re: experimenting on the nurses

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 9:12:13

In reply to experimenting on the nurses, posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 8:45:46

I'm just like...

The f*ck*ng hell, new zealand.

I work my *ss off for a number of years to earn various grades that I've got.

And now you want to re-code all the course-codes to make it look like I am stupid and can only achieve under sloooooooooooooooooooow wooooooooooooooooorkingcoooooooooooooooooooooonditions when my actual transcript states the opposite: my best gpa is from the years in which I voluntarily took an excess of the minimum full tiem requirements.

but instead they want to falsify my transcript in order ot convey some wrong message that i am slow and stupid.

i understand nobody knows what to make of philosophy becase they were essays. they were in fact essays graded by a variety of lecturers both within the university and at different univerisities... but no matter...

i excelled still more at psychology. and psychology... there was 250 x 2 classes of psycholgoy students in first year psychology. for... i think it was... 7 places in the clinicial psychology program at graduate level.

i'm sorry that shows clinical psychology at waikato to be more competitive in fact than medicine at auckland or otago-- but that's the way it was.

and i exelled in it. since we had quality textbooks and the quality textbook author supplied the reelvnent multiple choise that was a measure of our learning of the curriculum.

which is what (i thought) medicine was going to be. on steroids. finally... the opportunity to study an established and developed curriculum. a body of knowledge. towards an end. so we could help people.

little did i know the primary objective was expediating the inbred children of teh people who never excelled.

f*ck*ng yay.


Re: experimenting on the nurses

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 9:22:36

In reply to Re: experimenting on the nurses, posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 9:12:13

and that's the problem. is that Auckland and Otago both think that they are better than Waikato such that my grades from Waikato are irrelevant and don't count...

But since Waikato I went to Austrailian National (best research uni in Australia) and I was able tovisit for a year in the UNC / Duke education system....

And then Since coming back to New Zealand both Auckland and Otago have treated me like utter and complete sh*t.

And it wasn't that I failed or flunked out of ANU / UNC / Duke... It was that NZ Universities said specifically that overseas degrees and qualifications did not count for Medicine. So I thought (they tolld me( that it waspointless to work toward that. To work towards completion of any of that.

So I returned to New Zealand...

After having given more than a dozen talks to NZ, Australia, USA audience. After teaching (lecturing) courses in NZ, Australia, USA...

New Zealadn only treats me like I"m intellectually handicapped onmy return.

Will not process any of my applications for study in Medicine.

Will only violate theEducation Act that states that I am entitled to be enrolled.

Just f*ck*ng inept and incopmetent and refusing to do any of the things the education system is supposed to do.

We do not have teh most basic of edcuation system in NZ anymore.

It' sjusta mechamism for expediateing stupid kids of officiasl to earnign excess of 100,000 per year as soon as possible.

There is nothing here.


Re: experimenting on the nurses

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 9:40:10

In reply to Re: experimenting on the nurses, posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 9:22:36

I mean.. There is no journal.

There is no philosphy journal.

Philosophy professor gets to publish in NZ medical student journal only so students on the MBChB /PhD (and that's internationally recognised -- right??) pathway never get to publish anything in the NZ medical student journal because their supervisors would prefer the world to think they are stupid such that nobody will sign the student off and they can do the professors research and even teaching work for them indefinately. Imean... 10 years later and NZ universtes have still no tsigned their grad students off.

NZ universities do not listen to external examiners when it coems to sign off.

they have it into their heads that they are entitled to MAXIMUM studnet fees fo rMAXIMUM unrolment. MAXIMUM number of examination (revise and resubimt ALWAYS given as outcome of first examinatino INEPENTLY of reports of external examiners.

The Unvierities of NZ DO NOT LISTEN to reports of external examiners.

Their attitude / mindset is that international exmainers are stupid / slow to catch on to (what they believe is) a situation wereby all the Universities of thw orld would unite and agree to foce all studnets to take maximum time.

They don't undertand that advanced graduate research degrees are decided on objective standar. They are not 'bums on seats for maximum time' degrees.

NZ Univeristies have made them 'bums on seats fo rmaximum time' degrees because no matter what the examiners say they refuse to sign otheir studnets off.

This means that external examiners cna only say they don't rate our graduates. They see that students who are ready for sign off produce work that is of lesser quality (under direction of their supvervisor) 6 months later-- when examiners said they were willing to sing the studnets off.

It isnt' stolen generation when teh student pays you to process their work and you refuse and only edit it worse in teh hope that your student will be failed.

sniff. whin.e i'll be forced to live out eh back room of my supervisors mansion working for them for minimu or no wage forever because they refused to sig me off...

nobody respects our eduation system:: rightly:: It's compelte ant utter garbage.



Is the only ting they allow to go to external examiners.


Re: experimenting on the nurses

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 9:50:36

In reply to Re: experimenting on the nurses, posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 9:40:10

awwwwwwwwwwwww and I was supposed to want to join you all. The people incapable of producing in a timely fashion who would never get my work to exmaminer in a timely fashion... the people who are only willing to allow me to be acknowledged or processed under teh rubric of 'stupid' and / or 'slow'.

and the issue is that Auckland accepts what is fed to them in confirmation bias. Waikato has this trouble of being under-recognised. So wehn I have amazing grades from tehm they are embarraseed.. They don't know how I stack up against the Auckland students truly or really...

And then Auckland chooses for itself to refuse to acknoweledge my confirmed transcript. Then when Waikato supplies one saying I failed and altering my enrolment dates Auckland jumps on it 'see see we knew you were stupid and incompetent!'. They refused to accept official transcript over unofficial nonsense that they preferred to believe...

These f*ck*ng idiots that are in charge of selection. Who make miserable desisions. Who are miserable bcause they were never 'picked'. Who don not apply themselves such that they may be picked.

Who only want to fail people they identify with 'see I was failed too just like I am failin gyou'.

People who invest in the demise / closure of our health system only.

I said to them: Duke pulls in the money. Ad the peope of NC have cancer care.

Implicit: You are trying to pull in teh money. And what is done with the money? The people get -- what?



And they still haven't processed that yet.

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