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corruption in education

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2019, at 17:14:49

so i am still waiting...

after i started working under supervision (with email record) March 5 of 2018.

after i submitted a thesis for examination September 14 of 2018.

the whole time people told me i couldn't submit on time becuase they defined on time as early. the whole time my supervisor said 'see ya! i am going on holiday!' when i sent her work. the whole time i did everything she said -- which wasn't hard because she didn't say anything. she was too busy to set me busy-work tasks that would have stabotaged my timely completion. awwwwwwwww.

so then the university refuses to send it out for examination. they say 'oh no, you didn't submit a thesis for examination, you need to do that in person or it doesn't count'. they spout an endless succession of b*llsh*t.

these are just people on the street - right?

no... this is coming from the Dean of the School of Graduate Research who (University Calendar Regulations) makes the final decision on whether the degree is awarded.

Of course the Calendar also says that the Dean is required to base their decision on the reports of the examiners.

Everybody from the University (by which I mean the officials) are all pretending to be too stupid to understand the reports of the examiners.

They are pretending to be too stupid to understand University Calendar Regulations.

When the University Calendar Regulations say that the examiners are required to return the thesis to the candidate if they intend to require the candidate to re-enrol and re-submit a thesis for another round of examination (which costs thousands of dollars) they say some variety of 'pooh pooh rubbish rubbish that's metaphoric surely! the rules don't apply to us / to you / the reason you want to join is is becuase we can do whatever we want and who will stop us and what are you going to do about it!'


I will leave and never come back.

So they can go on hiring people who are incapable of understanding that the reason why you don't implant that variety of surgical mesh is because... People die.


How else you gonna motivate the buying of health insurance?

The psychopaths have been in charge for a very long time. Holding back development.

They make more money off of refusing to give people their qualification and forcing them to hand over additional fees... Forcing them to do work that employees of the University will claim as their own... Giving students grades such that they are required to repeat or take additional years..

They think they can do what they like because judgement of `quality' is all subjective. Or it is a overly simplified checklist of 'they didn't put a full stop in teh correct place therefore they fail!'

They actually lack the capacity to tell the difference.

They do not empploy any kind of process.. There is no blind grading. There is no 'grade it 3 tiems and see how much differenc eyou find each time' There is no swapping it and seeing how differnet people would grade it. There is no comparing grades from different bands. There is no process.

No start date.
No end date.
No work is done.
People just idle their time away preventing the output of others while collecting up the money while spouting b*llsh*t rubbish nonsense bullying the competent people away so they can retain the things that they have.

I remember they used to say 'don't do the arts for the money!' But that is in fact what the people did who have the jobs here, in teh arts. They were pursuign the best financial package they could for themselves. They pursued the arts because... They couldn't do anything else. Of course, they oftne can't do the arts, either. But nobody can tell that. Nobody can tell that. The people who picked the people to whom teh money would go... Nobody can tell that.

Nobody wanted their kids to do the arts. They wanted the arts to be crappy enough so their kids would run back to their 'proper place' in business or law or medicine or engineering or whatever....

Go back to being the head of the hierarchy.

You know, if you do a great job in allied health then you can be beamed out into Medicine! They will take you out of the job where you are flourishign and thriving and stop you working while you attend med school for however many years. To help the development of fields other than tehir own.

Ultimately.. TO undermine themselves.

You do medicine for.. The money. The lifestyle. Awwww... To be the head of the hierarchy. To have all the things. To do whatever you want whenever you want because you want. To have the laws not apply to you. To not apply the laws to anybody else.

There is no medicine here.

Too many psyschopaths.

It is more than 12 months since I submitted a thesis for examination. Examiners reports came back in December. They had no grounds to do anything other than SIGN ME OFF WITHIN 10 WEEKS.

Instead they set about retrospectively falisifying my transcript. Changing the points values of qualifications. Changing the course codes of qualifications. Changing the enrolment dates of qualifications. Changing the scholarships awarded (so they don't match up with ones offered in teh Calendar).

It is like the University has gone self-destruct.

THey don't seem able to manage a transcript.

How can tehy have any recognition at all on teh world stage?

Why does everyone keep throwing them money?

How can teh VC earn that much when they can't even accurately record transcripts? When tehy don't think they have to?

Oh yeah, becaus ethe aim wa sto be IHC university. THe qualification was meant to be worthless. Only people who would never go on to go anywhere would be granted it.

They only gave PhDs to people who would take them back to their local community and do nothing with them.

They never would have given me the grades they did if they had have realised I wasn't incompetent in Philosophy wanting nothing more than to hide with them forever in mutual incompetence and.... Basking, I guess, in the glory that is collecting up all the money, all the power, all thelifestyle, all the things, all the things all the things... Just because you can.



But yeah... The labs don't come back in time.

But then... Thse people... Miserable. Often. No real will to live.

Unpleasant people.

They think they did what they needed to do in order to survive...


I am done with them.

They made their choices.

They will happly see me murdered for mine.

That's not friends. That's not family. That's...

That's why life feels like it isn't worth living so very much of the time.

I should be in Medicine right now. This year. I guess I see that I study for the US because this country cannot be trusted to sign me off. LIkely will not sign me off. People will have to f*ck*ng make them hand over the f*ck*ng degree because things are that corrupt here.

People are nasty meanspirited jealous *ssh*l*s who decide that they want to conduct themselves like that.

Sign me off and let me go.

Things are too nasty here.

It is the world that they made.


Re: corruption in education

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2019, at 17:42:07

In reply to corruption in education, posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2019, at 17:14:49

and who profits?

who profits from the senior officials in new zealand being incompetent?

who profits when the talented and hardworking people are forced to flee?

where do they flee to?

to do all the jobs the locals don't want?

i am seeing that that was the point of the ANU thing, now.

it wasn't Australia helping New Zealand it was Australia helping itself to New Zealand.

the students who weren't having their PhDs signed off in a timely fashion were, for the large part, non Australian.

the Australians were signed off in more of a timely fashion. The Australians were going on to jobs in the US or the best of the jobs in Australia or into Medicine in Australia. But, hey, they could have done Medicine in NZ, too, since Australians can get NZ student loans and allowances and pay NZ dollars to do NZ Degrees as local students -- but NZers cannot take out Australian loans to do Australian Degrees... Though they might be offered research scholarships to do the jobs the Australians don't want but they certainly don't get to take out Australian loans to do things like Medicine!

Canberra f*ck*d over the state of North Carolina. The Research School of Social Sciencs. The Australian National University. However you want to play that. The state offered an 'exchange' program (that was a one way deal) of an Australian student getting to visit for 1 academic year and audit graduate level courses while receiving a living stipend for teaching work. Mostly Australians werent' sent... Mostly New Zealanders were sent. Mostly Australians didn't want to go to NOrth Carolina. They mostly wanted to go someplace 'glamerous' for less time. Be a tourist. Show off at a flashy conference.

Then the economy turned. Australia didn't offer a single post-graduate research 1 year contract to any student from North Carolina. After.. How many years of funding their PhD students for an additional year breadth in their coursework... Not a single post-doctoral fellowship.


The students who visited (on their own dime) were treated like garbage. Were treated like 'out-group' and were publically humiliated and mocked (after drunken parties). Just appalling behavior. There is no other way to put that / to look at that. Just really fuckign horrific.

Yeah... I totally want to be a philosopher...

How... Motivating. How.. Inspiring.

Of course I know that a number of visiting academics visited and saw all this... And I know their participation was marginal. ANd I know (more retrospectively) that many of them were coming from smaller colleges with more care towards their students. I know journals have been taken away...

Sanction. Whatever. Things have been dealt with a bit.

It's just... Not meaningful to me, anymore. The abstract. The meta. The conversations. Talking. I don't get enjoyment out of it anymore. People don't say enlightening things. Motivating things. Inspiring things. The whole country is on lockdown...

There is an election coming. I don't know, I guess things will continue on teh way they have been.

Someone needs to tell the farmers they need to go back to growing things other than animals. People need to eat, of course, but we want to respect forms of life. Now you need to engage in a public education program about nervous system and pain.... Or not. People.. There are none so stupid as those whose livlihood involves their being stupid.

I am done talking to people.

I know they are trying to undermine my transcript to have me beleive that everything is random. They want everything to be random so then they don' thave to feel bad about having so many holidays. No poitn working anyway, right? They are committed...

There actually isn't anything they could say that would get to me, anymore.

THey have well and truly established that they are willing to go out of their way to do everything they can to ensure taht I am kept kicked back adn down and under them. THey are happiest if everybody thinks I lack the capacity for... ANything... Anything other than a life on welfare.

I guess it's part of the set up now so there is less kerfuffle when I am nin Medical school. The idea of reputation preceeding me. That's the kid who wrote a thesis in a few months (because they refused to enrol me as they are required to do since they are a public university) that's the kid who sued the university into giving her the degree (so just fuckign sign her off already).

Things really are that corrupt, here.

Our prime minister has more recently refused to meet with Maaori leaders who have been repeatedly summoning her. She said that she will not meet with them because it would be seen to be circumventing proper process. They have heritage claims to the land -- but other people have legitimate claims too and all those claims need to be heard and considered and proper process needs to be followed.

We have had enough of being forced to attend meetings where we don't have speaking rights to hear the leaders go on and on and on and on and on about nonsense becuase they are invested in keepign the things they ahve and doing nothing with tehm and not allowing anybody in tehir community to do anything to. No reading writing and airthmetic for you. No sewerage system. No house.


They summon me to meetings to talk about my essay that they think they have the right to fail because... Because... Because.. Because my skin is the wrong color. Becuase they think they can get away with it.

They did get away with it. They weren't wrong.

I was forced to drop out of the Degree and leave the University because they woudl have irrevokably ruined my GPA.

This was allowed by the University of Auckland.


That's the best we can do. In New Zealand. Take the kid with the 8.6 GPA (on a 9 point scale) and fail the kid because she refuses to attend a meeting whereby someone is going to lecture her on how she is not capable of passing a first year essay on health equity for public health. That's right she has no f*ck*ng idea about issues of health equity. She just doesn't f*ck*ng get it. She shuld be chased away from teh University quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly...

Because they have their own kids. THe champions of equity.

Someone gotta give the natives their shots (whether they want their shots or not). You know, because top and tailing your kids only really works when you have them 2 to a bed.


I guess this is why I do get to do it. And they don't.

I f*ck*ng hate this country.


Re: corruption in education

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2019, at 18:02:40

In reply to Re: corruption in education, posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2019, at 17:42:07

It will be curious to see.

They say 'awwwwwwww there are so many more wonderful people who want to do it than there are places and so it is inevitable that some really wonderfully gifted and talented and hardworking people will miss out'.

except they don't actually say the bit about hard work because everyone knows that the only reason you want to be a GP in NZ is for the lifestyle. The work like balance that means no work and lots of money for things like small planes and horses and travel and the like.

first round goes to people selected from secondary school.

Carrington College mostly at Otago. That's the residential hall for the students who are academically focused. I don't suppose the Carrington College students will be found dead for 4 weeks with nobody noticing.

I don't know how they choose who gets the funded scholarship for their fees to be paid and their residential hall fees to be paid. NCEA (New Zealand Education system) everybody gets an A which stands for Achieved and you either Achieve or you do not Achieve and since people at University have all Achieved the things they needed to Achieve for entry...

What decides the hierarchy?

Not GPA anymore...

So how do they decide who gets the scholarship?

Well rounded people in the name of equity.

I see. A little of 'who is your Daddy'.

The problem is: This is a PUBLIC University not a PRIVATE university. I understand that PRIVATE Univesities reserve however many places for that kind of thing. In complex ways.

The problem is: That is not what is going on, here.

What have the GPs in NZ done for the health of NZers?

Things have been developing BACKWARDS in this country. Things have gotten WORSE on their watch.

As the developed world receeded (as we supposedly gained more autonomy) e.g., as England no longer ran our highest court of appeal...

Things got worse here. The psychopaths and bullies were unchecked.

We don't have internal balance of power.

We have not very bright and not very hardworking kids who get all the things. The idea is to keep things scrambled so people don't see (or are too afraid to speak up). The idea is that it is okay because it is what anybody would do (if they thought they could get away with it).

Which makes this a land for psychopaths to flourish.

I already know that you get to do it and you look around and wonder how the hell this or that or the next kid got to. And then you look around outside and see all thse amazing kids who werent' selected to do it.

And that's the problem.

That's precisely why they select them early. Keep them in 'exclusive' environments. Keep them away from everybody else. Make sure they get to do it before other people realise that they aren't the most talented / hardworking.

Instead of working to develop the education system to track things better...

People just don't get egalitarianism. Chickens. Their hierarchy. People go about in little clumps.

This is the end of the thread.

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