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Maybe nobody noticed and I died

Posted by hiddenhurt on November 24, 2016, at 16:24:30

Maybe nobody noticed,
And I died.
Maybe, zombie-like I go
On and on and on.

Maybe when I hear, How're you?
I just say, I'm fine,
And my frozen smile is customary
Enough to get me by.

My soul? It could be bright and whole,
Sitting on a shelf.
Too polite to eat others, I cut
Meals out of myself.

My wife and kids know something's wrong
But you will, I think, admit
Capricious reason can dismiss anything
Necessity demands of it.

I hardly feel, I hardly think,
I don't love any cause.
I might be dead, exceptexcept
I bleed! And that alone gives me pause.

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