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A Little Star Fell From the Sky

Posted by Hiddenhurt on November 12, 2016, at 12:44:51

A little star fell from the sky
And buried in the ground,
And burned in darkness countless years,
Until the star was found.

A little boy who just fit through
The smallest, little crack,
Found the cave, and in that cave,
The light, and brought it back!

He showed his town excitedly,
Holding up the gem,
But in the sunlight none could see
A light so fine and dim.

Desperately he told them
About the light he found!
They laughed at first, but then grew wary,
And cautiously walked around.

So, star in hand and head on knee ,
He watched the sad sun sink,
And there the boy fell fast asleep
Beneath a wash of pink,

And dreamed of caves and stars of white--
Until--suddenly--he woke!
To find the whole town facing him!
And not one person spoke!

For in the dark, the starlight shone
From in its hand-made cup,
Up into the small boy's face--
And miles and miles up,

Up to the highest heaven
Up past the brightest star
Up where no mind imagined
Light could shine so far.

In wonder, frightened and confused--
What, he thought, did I do?--
The boy looked up. But one man gasped,
"What light you have in you!"

And he saw they all admired him,
Heaven's light had brought a shift;
Who thought him crazy now thought him wise,
And all extolled his gift!

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