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I am p****d off, feel dejected...SAILOR..whereRu?

Posted by jay on August 26, 2003, at 19:51:10

Sorry...but I once again, was watching t.v. and some pop-psychologist who likely never had a hard day in their life comes on and tell's us all how taking a hot bath would cure mental illness. Uggghh! It's Risperdal, Xanax, and T3 time! MMMMmmm..:-)BTW..where are all the guys on here? Not that I mind just gal talk...but hey, guys, Sailor, where are ya all at?

Sailor, as a fellow (ex in my case) social worker, I thought maybe we could set up something really helpful maybe in terms of providing an on-line free 'therapy' type program or something. I've got a whole algorithm computer model that I used for CBT and Brief-Treatment Interpersonal therapy, written in Lotus, or one of the databases. I tried to transcribe it for one of Doc Bob's folders, but I just don't...have...the motivation I guess. If I have a *partner*..well...maybe things would be different. :) Maybe a paper on how the DSM-IV is used, so people can come up with their own code and ask their pdocs about it...the different Axis, etc? Really empower folks, so they don't feel so patronized by their pdocs.

I hope you are well my friend...



Re: I am p****d off, feel dejected--jay

Posted by lostsailor on August 27, 2003, at 17:56:48

In reply to I am p****d off, feel dejected...SAILOR..whereRu?, posted by jay on August 26, 2003, at 19:51:10

I have a bad elbow at the moment so this is gonna have to be a bit brief.

You might be on to something, but I don't think I am personally qualified to do on-line counseling. In general I have a lot of skepticism to its worth but have never looked at efficacy studies.

As for DSM coding...I just talk about that with doc. It is on my billing statement anyways (I assume it is on most everyone’s ins forms, but am not sure) He, at first, was not keen on the idea, but I got ruthless, already knowing my diagnosis' and started writing on paper midway thru session what I thought it would be and giving it to him at the end. I was usually right.

I am bi-polar (contained) as I call it, but there are only 4 possible codes 1, manic, 2, depressed; 3, mixed; 4 un-specified---he rarely uses specifiors, but when he had it was rapid cycling.

The other is panic disorder either with or without agoraphobia depending on that sessions focus. (I guess it truly falls under "w/ 'history' of agoraphobia, but he likes to seperate that into how I am doing at the moment.

he has also indicated, that I present what he calls a "constellation" of anxiety disorders but non are so prominent that they deserve a individual/separate diagnosis---but he , as a rule of thumb, is one that like to keep diagnosis to a minimum whereas some pdocs will write for each visit or cluster of visits.

I am on pbopen, though and have time on my hands usually so may be into something...drop me a line!!

Good to see you again.

In peace,

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