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Re: Redirect: and please be civil crazyamy

Posted by Dr. Bob on August 22, 2003, at 0:45:55

In reply to Re: Redirect: and please be civil, posted by crazyamy on August 22, 2003, at 0:31:08

> sorry, my intentions were not to discuss government, and I did not feel put down by another persons views about my comment. I was merely stating my "opinion" as to the post concerning why opiate drugs are so hard to come by. freedom to believe what we want is so easily misused when we are told what we are to believe in. AND by no means am I saying that what I have to say is the truth. It just deeply saddens me the condition our society is in, and the fact that I am raising children in this world only makes it worse.....what do they have to look forward too. Even my doctor (medical) cannot answer that one.
> as to my point about the government making money on us...when people do speed and cocaine, the physical and mental response by the body is to go, and go and go. therefore they work more, make more money and pay more taxes. they are also much more angry causing more fighting which leads to more war. you do know that hitler gave his soldiers speed, dont you?? think about why. I know people in government, law enforcement, medical fields and lots of everyday joes....the war on drugs is what many would call a great conspiricy. and let me also say that there is nothing fanatical about who I am as a person. I pay my taxes and go to work just like every one else. and usually keep my opinions to myself. one last question, how many people do you know who do opiate type drugs who are angry violent people?? think about it, and remember- it isn't the truth, it just is. thanks for reading! make it a great day!!


Re: Redirect: and please be civil crazyamy

Posted by Gabbix2 on August 22, 2003, at 13:01:17

In reply to Re: Redirect: and please be civil crazyamy, posted by Dr. Bob on August 22, 2003, at 0:45:55

It is frightening to raise children now. The truth is Society, (which is "us" and not some nebulous group worlds away) has never been a loving cradle for anyone's children. Far from it.

We have less tolerance for violence and abuse now
than we ever have, you just need to look at history to see that. I won't delve into the gruesome details I've posted on it many times before.

What you said is true crack can make people violent, speed can make people violent but

Without speed, crack, or refined forms of cocaine, television or music people have always found ways to hideously abuse one another.

Hitler may have given his soldiers speed, he may also have given them water. That in itself says nothing.
All herring are fish but not all fish are herring.

What I don't understand in your post though is are you saying that the government is conspiring to have people use cocaine in order to make them work more and therefore pay more taxes or did I miss something.

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