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Hooray! chdurie2 is now caroline h.-not caroline!

Posted by caroline h. on November 13, 2000, at 4:13:53

Guys- It's official! chdurie2 exists no more as a signature on the babble boards! thanks to dr. bob's expert advice, i am now caroline h., not just caroline. there is another caroline who sometimes posts on the meds-babble board - so i am caroline h., not to be confused with caroline. Capiche?

Whew!!! That takes a load off my mind! I feel like i just went to the courthouse and legally changed my name! It feels like i now have my true identity, confidentiality not withstanding, like i should throw a party or bake a namesake cake. let's see what meds martha stewart takes! oops-i don't have those! but when you guys come to my babble-party, as i hope you will, i will have made a cake filled with many of your favorite meds-with lettering done in whatever color capsule/tablet i fancy- and you can eat them right off the cake. i think i'll start with neurontin-flavored icing, i have lots of that left over...

caroline h.


May I be the first to congratulate you! LOL (NP) caroline h.

Posted by shellie on November 13, 2000, at 12:47:36

In reply to Hooray! chdurie2 is now caroline h.-not caroline!, posted by caroline h. on November 13, 2000, at 4:13:53


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