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Posted by rjlockhart37 on March 18, 2024, at 19:09:07

it's rj, i decided to write on another board, the faith board is filled up and i just went nuts, with writing over the top things. I want to write about what im going through. So, im in a depressive phase, i can't write extensivly or be detailed because i hardly have energy to write. I was taught about God when i was young, i grew up in a christain church, with christain family. And yes i had very good memories, i had very happy childhood. I went through trauma when i was in basically my 20s. It caused memory loss. That's all i write about that, but during this time i've been pulled to find god, and that eh would save his people, and dwell them till the end. It's hard to have faith during hellish times, disaster seems imppossible to keep faith. I tried to keep it,, it's doubt that can get into you. It can make you think, god failed me, he didnt awnser my request, and look at this disaster. I've learned, that ... this is my view, not anyone else, but he has .. it's the will of god, and sometimes he doenst awnser. I've been angry with ending in disaster about things but only had god, a thing i've learned is consistant prayer, you pray many times, it doenst have to be long prayers, but prayers through the day. It seems stuppid but try it oout, and look for jesus, test the spirits because sometims other spirits can portay themselves as god speaking to you. Watch out for that. You have to keep going, and have persistant prayer. Don't give up hope, say praying is waste of time, keep doing it. I've read in some articles, that they say instead of thinking why is this happening, all this bad stuff, they say god prepared you for something. That's ... i've seen people pray and give up and be devested after the prayer was not awnsered, you have to follow the will of god, that even though a loved one, or a situation has happened, you have God, and god will lead you to redemption. The one thing to know is have faith, and consitant prayer, alone with reading the bible. I havent read my bible in months, thinking i've already read all of it, its repeating. Just do it, and have faith, and know god is hope in place of disaster. Look to him, prayer consitant, and faith. That's all i can write, whatever energy is left me, ill just write logs, to help peopkle. I'm logging out, blessed be to you.

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