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Posted by Tony P on January 17, 2018, at 19:38:24

There has been considerable research on the relationship between facial expression and mood; apparently, it works both ways. And humour has long been considered therapeutic.

Today, despite a general feeling of depression, I spent quite a while on Facebook, reading humorous posts on Callahan's Cross-time Saloon, Science Humor & others, and even posting a bad pun myself. Reading humour - even bad puns - can have a cumulative effect. Also posted on PatientsLikeMe-DailyMe, which I'm new to, but starting to appreciate. And getting thumbs-ups from others has a self-validating effect on me. After a couple of hours, I felt much better.

As noted above, there is reliable scientific research to show that forcing your face into a smile (mouth AND eyes), however artificial, has a significant mood elevating effect. And forcing a frown has the opposite effect. (Method actors have known this for years). Many articles come up on Google, here's one link with a short, readable summary:


Re: Smile?

Posted by rjlockhart37 on April 15, 2018, at 0:10:26

In reply to Smile?, posted by Tony P on January 17, 2018, at 19:38:24

i've read about this - it depends, when you do smile yes, in a way your kinda forcing yourself to be charismatic, and warm-feeling to people. It does kinda create a fix, but deep rooted it doesn't not work for me

i've had a smile but it was more like having a mask, with the real depression and other turmoil under all of it. I think it does ... it does in way work, yes because it's forcing charisma and the happy energy but deep rooted, yes it's kinda controversy, there's people that have a great smile all the time and appear very good in social status, there known as friendly and well-respected, but that's only on the appearance. It's a controversial in acting happy, and actually feeling happy without acting

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