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negative transference

Posted by rockerr on July 11, 2016, at 9:43:13

hi everyone,

i had been posting about issues trusting my T and am still struggling with figuring out what to do.

As I mentioned, in many previous treatments with other T's, I reach a point where I am not willing to consider the T a trustworthy person and seek any and all evidence they are going to hurt me. It is endless the things I can find about the person in terms of finding flaws with them and inconsistencies in what they say as evidence for them being unhelpful. This happens to such a degree that more often than not, I do not see myself doing this in my mind and believe it to such a degree that the therapies always end with my being in this crunch and I start to decompensate and become obsessed with hating the therapist and either i terminate or they terminate the treatment (usually me).

this occurs from what i can tell from errors in empathy by the therapist but also the sophistacation of my defenses. i am not sure. for some reason ive never been able to get beyond this point (my current therapist says to that statement, "YET). and naturally i do not believe i ever well. which is odd because a very well known analyst who i worked with said my prognosis is very good. i had to end that due to money issues.
im wondering if this is something that should be pushed through or if it is possible that someone has been hurt enough and is defended enough that doing a relational therapy will never work because those defenses cannot be and should not be confronted or diminshed or the person will genuinely feel like they will die to the point where they will not allow themselves to feel whats behind the defenses no matter what. it seems like i out think or out defend my therapists where nothing they say or do leads to my relenting the idea they are not helpful, no argument i make about them being harmful to me can ever be revealed to me as a defense of a habit because i believe in it.

wondering what others thoughts are on this.



Re: negative transference rockerr

Posted by baseball55 on July 11, 2016, at 19:21:53

In reply to negative transference, posted by rockerr on July 11, 2016, at 9:43:13

Can you ask your current T this question? The thing with negative transference is that, if you are willing to consider the possibility and look at other relationships in your life, you would probably see that similar issues came up with other people with whom you felt vulnerable or from whom you sought care and understanding.

I guess if I were having the issues you are having and still hopeful about therapy, this is the question I would want to work on.


Re: negative transference baseball55

Posted by Rockerr on July 11, 2016, at 20:44:19

In reply to Re: negative transference rockerr, posted by baseball55 on July 11, 2016, at 19:21:53

Baseball that makes a lot of sense. I'll definitely ask him. I see him tomorrow. I can talk w him openly it's just between sessions I get pretty jacked up. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm certain this happens in every relationship I have.

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