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previous time periods

Posted by rjlockhart37 on April 16, 2016, at 0:38:24

so......i've been really thinking about this, i know that time travel is not possible, but at night sometimes i still think about the past, the feelings that i had during those time periods, and it's like part of myself is still there in the past, living, .... and it's difficult to explain, im sure tons and tons of people have felt this way before just like a part of you was left in the past, still existing in that time frame

i know time travel is not possible, we'll if it is it's not made known to the public, maybe in a secured miltary experiment chamber where they have secret warp power to go to the past but i doubtly highly that i would ever see one

i know this is something i would tell me therapist, but i don't havw one, but it's .... i feel part of myself is waiting in the past, and that some of the events that happened in this time, where not suppost to happen, like an derailed time frame.....

just.....i'll think about the past, 2005, 2008 ..... it's like a program on a computer, waiting for instructions or programming to do a task, yet it's still existing waiting for a task to take forward, and that this current time frame was not suppost to happen

anyways, ill have to find some spiritual books, and ways to integrate the past into the present, it feels like the past is still existing, waiting ....

anyways, hopefully someone understands a little of how i feel

thank you, logging out


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