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Posted by sunnydays on January 29, 2008, at 17:11:58

I felt so..... normal.... after I left T today. It was such a wonderful feeling. To feel accepted and validated, to have some of the judgments gone from my head (that hasn't been lasting since the session however), and to just feel at peace. I don't feel at peace very much.

We talked about how to get the judgments out of my head, all the 'shoulds' and 'ought to's' and 'bad/good'. And how it's ok to just look at what I think and feel and say, "It's ok. That's where I am right now." Period. No thoughts of whether I should or shouldn't be doing something differently, no thoughts of bad or good.

Since then there is more conflict in my head. But it was a nice feeling.



Re: normal.... sunnydays

Posted by Phillipa on January 30, 2008, at 0:03:21

In reply to normal...., posted by sunnydays on January 29, 2008, at 17:11:58

Sounds like it was a good session and hope the peace stays with you forget the should, oughts not good words for me either. Love Phillipa

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