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Can you imprint MISERY on my forehead?

Posted by rjlockhart on October 29, 2006, at 20:42:27

I am so scatterbrained it, at work i leave piles of stuff out and forget about them.

But here is the real situation. My mom says your not motivated to go to collage. Dammit! yes i am but im not being treated right! she took me off my medication, saying that i had problems with it, and actually, Dextrostat.... helped alot. If you read about why she took me off then you know. I have asked her repeated times that please will you let me go back on for a trial run. "No and Never" I will see that a doctor will never prescribe you stimulants again. She is overthe top, crazy, she cant take life herself, she know is thinking you dont want to go to collage do you? I Swear i have to something. I tried to get help from a psychiatrist who did treat me and know she is gone crazy and never ever wants me on dextrostat again.

I have been on Strattera (non-stimulant, non addictive) Wellbutrin, it doenst have the benefical effects of stimulants, in concetration wise. I dont know what the hell to do.

I am stuck here at home, feeling im trapped.

What is going to happen. Do i have to get a job with benefits and move out, no then she will go to the doctor and say no he has a history of abuse. I need to call the doctor and tell him what happened and he will listen, its legitimate, before she does this.

I am so disorganized i cant get work done, i want to stick my head in the toilet and leave it there. Nevermind, ill pass, the pool. Anyways.

I cant, i am so lost when im writing papers, i feel there is something not "stimulated" in my head. Low throyid? Well i am hell frustrated enough to post this post.

I feel, i cant do anything right now. There is so much conflict that will happen in the future that i am going to have deal with. I dont know how to cope with this.

This is my whole danm life, its not just a psychostimulant to help, its all of it!

I so glad i dont drink.... that would be another problem after the 1000's of them.

I wished everthing would just go good. There are so many people here who seem have more stable lives than me. I am holding on to a psychological bridge that is rocking.

What else should i say.....good night.



Re: Can you imprint MISERY on my forehead? » rjlockhart

Posted by Phillipa on October 29, 2006, at 22:22:19

In reply to Can you imprint MISERY on my forehead?, posted by rjlockhart on October 29, 2006, at 20:42:27

Matt you're not alone. I may be a lot older than you but I'm suffering too. I don't like to let the emotions out swallow them and hope they go away. But they don't Love Phillipa


Re: Can you imprint MISERY on my forehead? » rjlockhart

Posted by Lindenblüte on October 30, 2006, at 7:30:27

In reply to Can you imprint MISERY on my forehead?, posted by rjlockhart on October 29, 2006, at 20:42:27

Hi Matt,
it must be so frustrating that your mother has control over your medication and therefore she gets to impact your mental health EVEN MORE than the typical mother does. ugh.

You guys ever go to counselling together? You say she's crazy, well- would she agree to a handful of meetings with a family therapist?

It sounds like she's having a really hard time letting you prove that you can be independent, and that you are ready to take on more adult responsibilities.

I'm impressed that you've been able to work so hard. It sucks to make a lot of mistakes, though. Try not to overdose on caffeine, it might make you feel more anxious than well.

So, it sounds like you've got some tough choices to make.

1) are your scores good enough to go to a college or university that has dormitories? It's Fall, and if you want to apply to college, now's the time!

I used college as an excuse to "run away" from my family. I went out of state. Far away. It was really good for me. BUT! it was also really difficult. Most kids can count on support from their families. I knew I couldn't. I had to apply for scholarships and take out a LOT of loans. I knew that when I got the flu, I probably wouldn't be able to count on my mom driving out and taking care of me (like a lot of my friends). I talked to my parents about once a month, and saw them twice a year. It was hard.

2) If you are enrolled in college, you can get student insurance, which is usually less than $1,000 a year, and often you can get free mental health services on campus too.

3) Could you go to college full-time while living at home, maybe working 10 hours a week for your spending money? Do you think your mom would let you be more independent then?

I don't know what to say. It sounds SO hard. I hope you can contact your pdoc and tell him the situation.


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