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Posted by CareBear04 on September 22, 2005, at 7:54:31

Hi everyone--
my psychopharm dr. has suggested that I start CBT. I've had brief experiences with it and have read the _Feeling Good_ books and have done the workbook in a class and in groups in the hospital. I never really took to the theory well. My thought was always that it seemed overly simplistic-- like, "oh obviously, there's flaw #7 in my thinking, and all i have to do is correct that and everything will be ok." A couple of years ago, I do feel like I suffered from a lot of negative and flawed thinking, but I feel like a lot of that has been corrected. The past two years I've been in psychodynamic psychotherapy and my therapists have been psychoanalyst pdocs. I haven't made such good use of that, either, but I feel like it's worked better for me to be able to talk about anythign without so much structure and pressure. Can anyone explain better why CBT might work for me (or why it works well for high-functioning people) and what they've gotten out of it? Thanks.


Re: CBT CareBear04

Posted by fairywings on September 23, 2005, at 14:02:26

In reply to CBT, posted by CareBear04 on September 22, 2005, at 7:54:31

hi cb,

i found that cbt worked for me for the here and now issues, but not for resolving anything related to the past. Just as an kids were getting a little (read between the lines LOT) spoiled, my ex T was kind of a harda** regarding discipline LOL BUT he was also great at getting me in gear to see the bigger picture that IF I wanted to have healthy kids who respected the hard earned dollar, and didn't expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, that I needed to start tending to myself and get my emotional house in order. By giving them responsibility I was taking care of me, and taking care of them and their future. He also helped with my marriage, and was a pretty good motivator.

He didn't delve into my past well enough to see my bigger picture, and actually wasn't good at handling my real issues, but I think that was because it was a poor fit. I think maybe, as has been said so many times, that the "fit" is more important than the bent.
I hope that helps some.


Re: CBT CareBear04

Posted by alexandra_k on September 23, 2005, at 19:26:50

In reply to CBT, posted by CareBear04 on September 22, 2005, at 7:54:31

I've been putting off responding hoping that you would get some postitive responses but I have to say...

That I fairly much agree with your assessment of CBT!!!

That being said... I think that good clinicians are able to transcend some of the limitations of the theory. Some clinicians might employ the principles in an overly simplistic way, while another may have more sympathy with what some of the other theorietical orientations have to offer too...

If given the choice... I guess I'd prefer to do something psychodynamic any day :-)



Posted by rabidreader on September 24, 2005, at 14:37:17

In reply to Re: CBT CareBear04, posted by alexandra_k on September 23, 2005, at 19:26:50

I really agree with the sentiment here that CBT has merit, but is not able to always address the full picture or spectrum of issues you might be experiencing. That has been my experience with CBT. However, the theories are interesting and it does give you skills to use during anxiety attacks, depressive episodes and the like. My conclusion with CBT is that these are helpful skills, but are often only bandaids to deeper, more underlying problems. Insurance companies seem to love CBT because it can show measurable and sometimes quick progress. What I don't think people have really measured is how long that progress lasts.


I have had good luck with CBT

Posted by happyflower on September 24, 2005, at 21:14:01

In reply to Re: CBT, posted by rabidreader on September 24, 2005, at 14:37:17

I have been doing mostly CBT therapy and it has helped me a lot with a childhood filled with a lot of emotional, physical, neglectal abuse. We have gone way in my past from when I was a baby until the present. We have discused anything that I needed to or wanted to. But we have also tried to enrich my life too in the present. My T uses a lot of stuff, not just CBT, for different things. I have had good luck with it, it has changed my life.


Re: I have had good luck with CBT

Posted by CareBear04 on September 26, 2005, at 12:28:57

In reply to I have had good luck with CBT, posted by happyflower on September 24, 2005, at 21:14:01

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on CBT! I don't think I'll try it again just yet, but I'll remember your comments and advice if and when I do. Thanks again!

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