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for Lott

Posted by Jadah on August 5, 2005, at 16:44:57

you may have read about my situation. I was wondering what the stats were as far as how many known "personal" relationships there are b/w client and T. In your opinion, if youve read my story and hopefully see that countertransference isnt always hazerdous, do you feel that there are cases where this type of relationship could be extrordinarily and positively fulfilling? Am I making any sense?


Re: for Lott

Posted by happyflower on August 5, 2005, at 17:31:02

In reply to for Lott, posted by Jadah on August 5, 2005, at 16:44:57

I think we know more about the bad stories than the good ones. I don't think we really know how many sucessful relationships there are between formal clients and their T's because it is still a tabo subject. We do hear about the ones that turn out bad, but the thing is a lot of relationships turn out bad. Just look at the marriage rates. I do believe that a ex client could have a good relationship with a T as long as they know what they are getting into and learn how the T is in real life. They are just normal people with faults. They may be able to "give" good advice, but it doesn't mean they will follow it. I think if both people can look at each other as they really are, then I think a relationship can be as sucessful as any other. JMHO!


Re:thanx happyflower

Posted by Jadah on August 7, 2005, at 19:34:56

In reply to Re: for Lott, posted by happyflower on August 5, 2005, at 17:31:02

thanx happyflower, you really validated me.

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