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Posted by Speaker on May 27, 2004, at 22:30:50

It has been so frustrating the last two days. Everywhere I go something happens that causes a flashback! It isn't the same thing each time so it's not like I can avoid a trigger. I am exhausted from all of this and I just feel like staying home, crawling up in bed and crying (although, I can't seem to cry). I go to therapy tomorrow but I don't really want to do that either...I guess I'm just a mess. I worked about an hour today and that was because I had to go out to a meeting. I want to go eat chocolate but I know it would make me sick :). Sorry I am such so whiney! Well, my life motto :This Too Shall Pass...but until then ICKKKKKK


Re: Flashbacks

Posted by DaisyM on May 27, 2004, at 23:09:16

In reply to Flashbacks, posted by Speaker on May 27, 2004, at 22:30:50

I keep trying to catch you in Open, I think I'm a half hour behind you.

Consider this: often flashbacks happen when you are trying to hold stuff back. You said PTSD was rearing its ugly head my advice is talk about it with your Therapist.

Flashbacks are horrible and scary. Is there anyway you can stay in bed for a day? I went out and bought cream of wheat today and plan to spend the weekend watching all three Lord of Rings and eating popcorn and CW. I'm so done. This week has been amazingly hard and I fill less than able to deal with it all.

Please let me know if I can help. I hope tomorrow goes well.


Re: Flashbacks (tangential to this) DaisyM

Posted by Racer on May 28, 2004, at 9:14:07

In reply to Re: Flashbacks, posted by DaisyM on May 27, 2004, at 23:09:16

DaisyM, that's funny about the Cream of Wheat. ("Cream of Wheat is so good to eat that we have it every day" Remember that? My mother used to sing it almost every morning as she served breakfast.) I don't go running for the CW, though. When I need to know that I am well loved at breakfast, I pull out the Malt'O'Meal. A few years ago, I almost flunked the iron test at the blood bank, and was SO HAPPY!!! The nurse there said that I needed to start eating M'O'M to get my iron up. I'm sitting there thinking, "Whoohoo! She's telling me to eat great food to be better! How often does that happen?"

The best part of Malt'O'Meal for me? The MonsterCat loves it, too, so we'd share the bowl. I'd eat my share, then give him the bowl to clean. He loved it. It was a bonding experience.


Re: Flashbacks

Posted by Jai Narayan on May 28, 2004, at 16:44:17

In reply to Flashbacks, posted by Speaker on May 27, 2004, at 22:30:50

Have you ever considered EMDR?

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