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What's next for discussion?

Posted by Pandabear on May 23, 2004, at 22:15:47

Here is my deal...because I am doing so well right now, I have run out of issues to talk about in therapy. Let me rephrase this..I havent run out ...Im just at a point where Im doing well and nothing is getting me down. My therapist is wanting to know what I want to be focusing on this year and I really dont know...things that I want to work on self esteem, anxity issues, better communication....letting go of things I have no control over..and fears of the unknown..and (i know this sounds stupid) but I have really bad eye contact and she was going to help me with that. I am so self conscious when I have to look at someone in the eyes...the only time I feel comfortable with it is when I am angry at someone. I hate it when she asks what I want to be working on..because I never know what to say..I dont think im perfect..but I dont know what kinds of things people work on in she asking me what type of therapy i want to be doing? She does sandplay therapy and gestalt therapy..but i dont know what I would use sandplay therapy for...?? what kinds of things does sandplay therapy help with? I want to be productive in therapy and this past session was so good..but it was like i was updating her on everything..we didnt focus on was just me telling her how good im doing. I want us to be able to WORK on things..but I dont know what to tell her about what I need to be working on...I dont want to be wasting her time by not knowing what I want...

Any ideas about what I can or should do?


Re: What's next for discussion?

Posted by CeeSea on May 24, 2004, at 1:25:30

In reply to What's next for discussion?, posted by Pandabear on May 23, 2004, at 22:15:47

don't want to push in, as i am only new here, but i would say she wants to know what you posted here - the things you would like to work on (ie improving self esteem, anxiety issues, other stuff. oh and i have a problem with eye contact too, i think it might be related to the low self esteem). I have told my psychologist that before - i think i need to improve self esteem - so she finds ways or ideas to do that. Maybe you could write a list of the things you want to change/improve and let her take it from there? i don't think you need to decide what sort of therapy you do, in my experience the therapy has to fit the person and the situation, so without knowing what it is you want to do there is no way to determine what therapy to do. (I have done sandplay therapy once with M and she used it cos i dont know what i want, where i am going, so she wanted me to do pictures/sculptures of my life, my past, etc etc and then we analysed my choices together.)
Sounds like you are doing well though, that is a good thing.

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