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incredibly f*ck*ng tiresome

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 7:31:28

it's just so incredibly f*ck*ng tiresome trying to function at all in this f*ck*ng country where officials take in excess of 100,000 dollars per year to not do their job and to ensure their job is never done.

peeople don't listen to me in any respect whatsoever.

people don't process any of the things, at all.

don't do any of the things that they are supposed to do.

don't meet regulations on habitable housing.

don't meet regulations on enrolling local studnets.

don't meet regulations on signing the students off.

i see international sanctions etc etc to punish these awful people who don't do any of the ethings that they are supposed to do...

but still it is impossible to progress or to function at all in this corrupt and inept f*ck*ng sh*t hole of a f*ck*ng country.

it's a f*ck*ng joke. nothing works here. people dont know what their job is. don't do any of the things they are suposed to. do a bunch of things beyond their bounds that they shouldn't be doing. it'se just a f*ck*ng joke.


i'd be laughting to the bank is what most of the people are doing.

f*ck*ng har de ha ha.

the most basic of health and safety reuquirement: fail.

But still. i'm suppose to believe in leaders who still earn in excess of what -- again?

while i live in housing likely univerity owned in the block by the hospital. because people chose to invest in my sickness and the expansion of the hospital.

we just don't have a grip at all on investing in making things better.

shut them down

shut them down

shut them down.

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