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glycine + memantine?

Posted by novelagent on March 1, 2012, at 9:53:14

is there any neuroscientific basis for concern of the combination of memantine and glycine? Or glycine and galantamine?

I have schiziphreniform, and take Invegga Sustenna and memantine, along with Dexedrine and Prilosec. On medscape, glycine is said to be great for negative symptoms. I don't think I have negative symptoms-- it's just that when I'm not on Dexedrine, I have avolition (no motivation), anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure) and agolia (difficulty doing simple tasks, like taking a shower or making one's bed).

I also had these before my illness whenever I stopped taking amphetamine. So I think it's due to amphetamine brain, and I'm working to get supplements that will restore my brain back to normal-- including CDP Choline and glycine.

CDP choline is suppose to be taken as 1g twice daily, and glycine is suppose to be slowly titrated to 60 grams/day. Can anyone help me out with information about whether it's safe to take glycine with a cognitive enhancer like galantamine, aricept, or memantine-- and maybe even choline?


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