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Posted by cockeyed on June 23, 2005, at 22:08:23

Met a priest
Thought him a saint
Found out he's gay
Is he still a saint


Re: Canonization? cockeyed

Posted by crazy teresa on July 19, 2005, at 21:47:49

In reply to Canonization?, posted by cockeyed on June 23, 2005, at 22:08:23

This is a post from a while ago, but you've got me curious. What is that whole canonization thing? People voting on who gets to be a saint? (I thought all Christians were bibically considered saints.) Isn't that just about like joining the country club...if you know the right people, you get your name in? No people I know are perfect, so what are the catholics basing canonization on?

crazy t


Re: Canonization? crazy teresa

Posted by cockeyed on July 29, 2005, at 0:02:18

In reply to Re: Canonization? cockeyed, posted by crazy teresa on July 19, 2005, at 21:47:49

hey, teresa, you know I used to be a practicing catholic. got so much practice, I thought I didn't need either the further practice or religion. But whether I like it or not I'm a catholic. I have the unfortunately sneaky suspicion that most of the canonization process, and much of official catholic policy is extremely political. Not enough women who can make a difference. Catholic nuns saved me and nurtured me when my family went dysfunctional. I've met and respect women who've devoted their lives to good works rather than a good score on the golf course. But then that's me. When I was a youth I was recruited for the priesthood. Thank, god, I realized that one of the reasons I went to church was to see the girls. Guess that's part of god's plan; I would've made a whiskey priest, a miserable drunkdrunk...I suspect.
But I also suspect that there is many a very adept politician among the clergy. And I question the very notion of priests driving buicks and hanging out at the golf course, etc.
But questioning has to be a part of faith.
I could use some faith now...altho to be quite honest, I think I've got it. But not politically. Or socially. Anyway. I suspect canonization is very much a political campaign.
Altho I was appalled by the late pope's old time religion, I must say he was a man among men. And I had a profound respect for his strength. But...there's a real world out there.
cockeyed. by the way I forgot on which board I wrote. There is no way this guy will ever be sainted...but he did good and, well, he's been sort of shunted off into the haze.

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