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Therapist's challenge about my weight

Posted by Racer on April 19, 2008, at 0:40:05

At the end of my last therapy session, my therapist stopped me on the way out the door to ask, "At what weight do we start to get concerned?" I answered with what was basically my lowest weight, which I know I'll never get back to again. I'm not sure what she has in mind to do, and I don't think she'll let the weight I offered stand. I think she'll ask me to revise it.

What's more, she started asking questions about my height, and what I weigh now. I wouldn't answer either of those questions. (Poet says that I've joined her School of Therapy -- refuse to answer any uncomfortable questions. Next week I'll try crossing my arms across my chest and glaring at her...)

I'm afraid, now, although I'm not entirely sure why. I guess it's something new -- last time I lost weight while in therapy, she didn't notice it. The time before that, it was with the Therapist From The Black Lagoon, who didn't notice at all when I lost a ton of weight. (Of course, the doctor at that place described me as "well nourished" in his mmse notes when I was dangerously underweight. I guess they had a slightly distorted body image there, huh?) Partly, I'm afraid that my therapist will tell my psychopharmacologist, and that he'll give me an ultimatum. That's probably silly, but I think that's my fear. And I won't ask her about it, because I don't want to put the idea into her head.

Mind you -- I'm not all that thin. I have lost some weight, but only about half what I lost when she didn't notice. I think it's just that once she noticed it, it's been clearer to her, so she's watching it more.

We've also been doing mirror work, so I think she's also looking at me more. And, of course, if I'm standing in front of a mirror, I'm not huddled under a blanket on her sofa, so she also gets a better view. One of the other things is that she encouraged me to buy some clothes that actually fit -- my pants always fit, but my tops are always big and hide my body. Since she noticed I had lost weight, I went ahead and wore one of the outfits I bought. That's when I did the mirror exercise -- and she had a bit to say about not realizing just how thin I was.

I'm not that thin, but it did feel good to hear it.

And I wish I could actually be thin.

So, what can I expect? Has anyone had that sort of question from a T before? I've never been in eating disorder treatment until now, and my weight has never really been an issue up until now. Is this something that therapists do? Ask patients to set a weight at which we have to start addressing weight or eating? Is this common?



Re: Therapist's challenge about my weight Racer

Posted by Maxime on April 20, 2008, at 19:54:32

In reply to Therapist's challenge about my weight, posted by Racer on April 19, 2008, at 0:40:05

Hi Racer

I had a therapist who said that we would only worry about my weight if I went below xx pounds. So what do you think happened then? I went below xx pounds and was hospitalised.

I don't think it is a good to decide on a weight where you want someone to be concerned, because you will get there ... because you want the concern. We all want the concern, even if it gets in the way of our mission. Concern means you are doing something right ... being a GOOD anoretic and losing weight.

What I did another time was had my GP and my psychiatrist talk to one another and had my GP weigh me. She would let the psychiatrist know if i was in danger. Guess what? I didn't lose any more weight. The concern of GP is the same as the concern of a psychiatrist and I didn't want it.

Maybe you can come up with a plan like that.


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