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Cold compress reduces my ruminations, arrhythmia

Posted by Hugh on February 8, 2018, at 13:18:03

Since August, I've been ruminating quite a bit less, and my arrhythmia, which I've been taking beta blockers for for the past ten years, is significantly better. These improvements were brought about serendipitously when I started to put a cold compress on my abdomen to help alleviate a sore colon. (I have a long history of gastrointestinal problems.) This treatment reduced my colon discomfort somewhat, but it had a much bigger impact on my ruminations and on my arrhythmia.

In recent years, there's been a growing amount of interest in the gut-brain connection. The gut is even sometimes referred to as "our second brain." How your gut functions -- or dysfunctions -- can have a tremendous impact on your brain. And on your heart. Evidently, my cooler and calmer colon is sending calming signals to my brain and to my heart.

Placing a cold compress on my abdomen reduces my ruminations for about three days at a time. But this treatment has brought about long-term benefits for my arrhythmia. Since beginning this treatment six months ago, a few times I've gone for over a week without doing it, and a couple of times I've gone for over a month without doing it. During these periods, my ruminations returned after about three days, but my arrhythmia has remained much better the entire time. I've been able to reduce my beta blocker (atenolol) dosage by about 80% since August.

I use a Walgreens Reusable Multi-Purpose Cold Compress, which I keep in the freezer. I place the compress over my sigmoid colon for three minutes, then place it over my descending colon for three minutes, then over my transverse colon for three minutes, and then over my ascending colon for three minutes.

So a mere twelve minutes of treatment every few days has made my life better.

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