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singing the praises of B3

Posted by Christ_empowered on November 11, 2017, at 14:02:00

me, yet again. I've been on 6 grams niacinamide for a while now. This dosage seems to work much better than 3 grams did, and it also spares me the nausea and general "off" feeling 9 grams gave me.

I use time release tablets. 2 one and one half gram tablets AM, repeat in the PM (w/ food, of course).

I do full on Orthomolecular, plus extra stuff. I've gotten rid of some of the "extra stuff" over time. I'm thinking my "obsessive traits" were showing up in supplementation, lol.

But...yeah...B3. I go for niacinamide, because I find it easier to tolerate than niacin, and I don't require as much as some people (past a certain dosage, the Orthomolecular people say to go for niacin...I think 6grams is about the limit for niacainmide).

my "obsessive traits" have mellowed, my anxiety levels are vastly improved, I go to sleep easily and usually sleep well, 7+ hours, then wake up refreshed. I'm tolerating my Abilify very well, 0 EPS, 0 TD, no akathisia, no (major) dysphoria (I get low moods now and then, but the Abilify doesn't seem to make things any worse...).

oh, skin is much better. niacinamide is increasingly popular in topical skin preparations, for everything from acne to wrinkles. I -had- skin problems, and now I find that my skin is quite healthy and much more resilient, also.

clearly, w/ an entire Orthomolecular protocol on board, plus the tranquilizer, this isn't -all- from the niacinamide, but I am grateful for Orthomoelcular supplementation. I think its made a significant impact on my health and overall quality of life.

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