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Posted by Escapee on September 24, 2016, at 12:02:08

Always up for something new! So I purchased a 50g pouch of L-theanine.

As an anxiety sufferer I'm always looking for things to decrease it.

I have drank lots of tea in my time so kinda know what it feels like. At least in combination with caffeine. But tea also contains D-theanine, L-glutamine & tannic acid (tannin) amongst other phytochemicals including antioxidants like catechins.

Thought I would try it in isolation. Dont know why I never tried it before.

Just taken 250mg with a 250ml can of energy drink containing 75mg caffeine, Taurine & gaurana extract. The usual crap they put in it.

I've read that caffeine & L-theanine work in sink so taking caffeine with it is a valid experiment! lol

I do feel a little calmer. Been a hectic morning for my brain. Woke up with a stonking hangover this morn. Didn't exactly help my eye either! I have a spot on the inside of my eyelid which is very painful. Started yesterday. Taking antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops. My eye is constantly weeping tears and I have to wear shades coz I cant bear the light. But I'm not wearing them now.

Paracetamol didn't help my hangover, caffeine helped a bit. Found some ibuprofen which made more of a difference. Now its gone. Hmm...

Great site this!

Found it during many searches but never used it directly. I've joined now. Best thing is most subjects are full of references to back up the claims.



Re: L-theanine

Posted by Escapee on September 25, 2016, at 18:15:33

In reply to L-theanine, posted by Escapee on September 24, 2016, at 12:02:08

Pretty good stuff.
Took 250mg this morning half hr before breakfast on an empty stomach together with some essential aminos, & same again before dinner but without the other aminos. Felt it within 20mins each time. Calming but a bit dull perhaps. Maybe coz I take benzos too...? But definitely wasn't just the benzos! Perhaps I should avoid a morning dose.

Took 200mg tonight, again on an empty stomach along with some essential aminos. Very calming without drowsiness. Slight mood lift too, tho I am taking several things so maybe that wasn't entirely down to the L-theanine.

Will keep the dose at 200mg and experiment. I have a hectic day tomorrow so a good chance to see how well it works with stress.


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