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feverfew - remission of fatigue

Posted by linkadge on August 18, 2016, at 20:16:50

I have had a complete remission of fatigue after adding the herb feverfew to my regimen.

This herb (usually used for migraines) appears to have antisertonin, antihistamine, and anticholergic effects. It may act as a 5-ht2a/b antagonist. It has some potent anti-inflammatory effects and may have dopamine stabilizing effects (appears to block cocaine's effects and withdrawal).

It feels like a mood stabilizer or antipsychotic. It goes surprisingly well with lithium.



Re: feverfew - remission of fatigue

Posted by Lamdage22 on October 3, 2017, at 11:06:37

In reply to feverfew - remission of fatigue, posted by linkadge on August 18, 2016, at 20:16:50

Can you describe your fatigue? How severe? It sounds interesting. Dopamine stabilizing sounds good. Maybe better than dopamine knockout by APs..

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