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New probiotic combo for depression and anxiety

Posted by Hugh on August 3, 2016, at 13:53:28

The probiotic described in the article below is called FlorAssist Mood.

Studies have now been carried out using the probiotic Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 and Bifidobacterium longum R0175 combination.

A human study of 55 participants with mild depression or anxiety, ages 30 to 60, was conducted to determine the effects of the probiotic combination on anxiety, depression, stress, and coping strategies. Subjects were given 3 billion colony-forming-units (CFUs, a measure of the number of individual organisms) of the probiotic, or a placebo, for 30 days.

The probiotic-supplemented subjects had a significantly larger drop in measures of anxiety and depression than did placebo recipients as follows:

49% drop in the global severity index, a measure of overall psychological distress
50% decrease in depression scores
60% decrease in anger-hostility scores
36% decrease in the hospital anxiety and depression score (HADS)
13% decrease in urinary free cortisol, a hormonal measure of chronic stress, which was not seen in placebo patients

Supplemented patients also displayed reductions in self-blame and higher problem-solving skills after the study.

Here's the complete article:


Re: New probiotic combo for depression and anxiety Hugh

Posted by shadowtom2 on August 9, 2016, at 21:20:13

In reply to New probiotic combo for depression and anxiety, posted by Hugh on August 3, 2016, at 13:53:28

Thank you for posting this, Hugh. It's always encouraging when interventions that could be used to relieve the symptoms of mood disorders and other mental health conditions show some evidence of being effective in human trials. Probiotics and other interventions that might positively affect the beneficial bacteria in our gut definitely seem to hold some promise in helping those who struggle with mood disorders and other mental health conditions.

Tom (the former Tomatheus)

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