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Anyone tried trimethyl-glycine TMG?

Posted by regisx on July 22, 2016, at 21:46:39

I have been using glycine 3-4gr regularly in the past and I don't know if it does much for depression but I think it helps with joint pain.

I read about TMG and supposedly this helps with depression. I heard review of TMG supps at iherb and some reviews sound really promising.

I think I'm just gonna try it. Already got TMG powder at home. I hope this mixes well with lamotrigine and amphetamines.


Re: Anyone tried trimethyl-glycine TMG? regisx

Posted by shadowtom2 on August 6, 2016, at 11:49:38

In reply to Anyone tried trimethyl-glycine TMG?, posted by regisx on July 22, 2016, at 21:46:39


I tried trimethylglycine about nine years ago for the symptoms of depressive illness that I was experiencing at the time. This was a bit before the onset of some of my other symptoms, which I think would be best described as being on the schizophrenia spectrum. I don't remember much about my trimethylglycine trial, but one thing that I can say is that if I did experience benefits from the supplement, the benefits were at best short lived and not very pronounced. In other words, I don't think that it did much, if anything, for me.

That's just my experience with trimethylglycine, though, and I don't expect that others who take the supplement will necessarily respond to it in the same way that I did. Did you end up trying trimethylglycine? If so, what have you noticed since taking it (or, what did you notice while taking it, if you're no longer taking it)?

Tom (the former Tomatheus)

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