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noooo, I'm right

Posted by alexandra_k on December 8, 2020, at 16:24:00

That was super-weird.

I couldn't imagine what defence they could have, honestly.

then, after their defence... Actually, a bit before it, when I was talking through my stuff the judge was asking questions I was finding strange / not really understanding...

Then I heard their defence and I didn't understand. Then I thought 'I don't know what the phrase 'subject to this section' means, in this context. Like... Subject to ALL of the section (every single subsection of the section)... How would that go...

And then I thought, later on, they were right.

And then I though... No... Not subject to those parts - those parts pertained to something else.

And then the judge issued a memorandum and I could clarify...

And I think I am right.

But they did a really good job of the best case for them. Hur. They nearly had me believing them.




Posted by alexandra_k on December 8, 2020, at 18:34:07

In reply to noooo, I'm right, posted by alexandra_k on December 8, 2020, at 16:24:00

I am a bit of a fan of dystopian novels.

But I suppose I read them quite some time, ago, and they are mostly dim memories.

I get a bit confused / mixed up between a few of them. 1984 and Brave New World, particularly.

Newspeak. Yeah. That's the trouble I'd been having for quite some time in NZ. I wasn't sure what it was... Irony? Sarcasm? My whole thing about 'what does equity mean' and my feeling that it was bein used ironically. It was being used in a Newspeak way where what is equitable is increased profits for those who have the most. Or redistribution from those who have least to those who have most. Or whatever. Stuff like that.

There is something... Strange... That happens to Maaori language in 'official' contexts. Insofar as it is allowed to be an 'official' language. The way the politicians speak sounds strange. The phrases sound strange. It isn't a development of the language it is a... Policial control technique, yeah. A way of training the people who are Maaori in how to speak Maaori...

The Maaori party has increased representation in Parliament. So the first thing they do with their increased representation is choose to leave (walk out). Yeah -- that's why they were voted in. To skive off. They complain about wearing neck-ties. Do they want to wear grass-skirts?

I don't know. It's a new thing for them... Give things some time... But I can say these things and ask some questions and not have my head lopped off in teh name of 'she's racist' -- right?

Uh... Unclear.

I suppose here is my Orwellian Diary. In some sense.

The fact that Dr Bob did not allow revisions to posts (except under a few very very very strick situations or circumstances). People in the US wanted more personal control...

But, for me, in the face of the NZ Government (or whoever controls the NZ Government) re-vising my transcripts and so on... The dodgey record keeping... The re-writing of the past, yup...

It felt safer to me. Less crazy-making.

I can't keep my own blog becuase then I feel pressure that the content needs to be well-managed. Typos need to be fixed. I see a way to make a bit better and I change it better... But then it's crazy making. Round and round and round. Work on the same paragraph but working it different round and round...

Doublethink, yeah. The two-faced-ness that I've been on about. The element of when someone talks I'm dumbfounded. Then thinking the only sensible response I can think to what they are saying is 'I know you are -- but what am I?'

They accuse me of asking for special favors. Etc. Tehy accuse me of all of their crimes.

I wonder how many people there are like me living... Oppressed like me but in the US. I wonder if there are more opportunities to get out from that in the US so people don't get stuck for quite so long... Or whether my experience of Aussie and the US was different because of the circumstances under which I arrived in?

I expect becuase of the circumstances.

That's why the visa and so on is important. So there is time for things to be arranged. So you don't find yourself a non-person with no bank account or vehicle lisense or... Yeah.

This is the end of the thread.

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