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Re: Support

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 18:41:16

In reply to Re: Support, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 18:23:19

It has been nearly 2 months since the last submission to the courts. Which was my submission. The respondant refused to respond. Refuses to acknowledge me. They think I am 'vexatious' which just means they don't think there is anything that I can do about their corruption. They don't think the courts will process my documents.

They don't seem to realise that the courts don't get to choose what they will and won't process. They are required to process ALL the filings.

That's how come they like the statement of the rules to contain contradiction. So none of the filings are in accordance with the rules. So they can refuse to process any of the filings they choose they don't want to process by saying they aren't in accordance with the rules.

Are they going down that road??

I get emails from some... Receptionist?? Of the court to that affect. That it can't be accepted for whatever reason.

I think it's like when you go to a GP and reception asks you a million questions about why you want to see a doctor and says they are required to book you in to see a nurse for 20 minutes before you can see a doctor...

Until you go 'who are you?? seriously... why would I answer ANY of your questions at all?' And it's just like positioning a security guard outside the hospital to turn away 90 per cent of the people presenting so the DHB can say to the government that everyone who made it into the hospital (who got through security) was seen by a doctor within 9 hours. Or whatever.

It's about that.

I just mean to say that we all (were supposed to) give the respondant 5 weeks to respond. The respondant chose not to respond.

So reception tries to tell me my filing is 'incomplete'.. Not accepted...

So after giving the judge around 1 month to decide what to do... I inquire. Because there hasn't been a hearing or a conference scheduled and there hasn' tbeen a judgement. ANd I need thejudge to know I AM EXPECTING ONE.

Because that's how corrupt things are, here.

I need to pay $50 to complain that a lawyer I approached for legal aid help to file wasted 2 months of my time. Reformulated my complaint in an attempt to make it sound less-compelling (even to my ear) and then refused to follow instructions to file for summary judgement and then refused to follow instructions to make alternations and file for legal aid and then 'remembered' all of a sudden that he had a conflict.

I'm saying he is guilty of perversion of justice. He sent me many emails trying to bully me out of filing at all. He tried to construe the case so that legal aid wouldn't be obtained (which is sort of like trying to throw the case). He then comes up with some story about conflict (that is likely a lie).

The law society had a go at saying his behavior was justified... It was a bit bad that he didn't disclose conflict for 2 months. But given that he didn't think I would win, anyway, he wasn't going to represent me, anyway.

So I responded that he doesn't get both professional judgement and conflict. ONce I saw his professional judgement I knew it was a 'profesional judgement'.

Apparnetly I am supposed to feel sorry for him that it's a lot of paperwork for very little pay.

Lawyers shuld be required to do 60 hours or so of pro bono legal aid work every year as a requirement for their registration.

They are not.

They think they are justified in wiggling out of legal aid cases / bullying clients out of submitting for legal aid cases / construing them (thorowing them) so their application for legal aid is declined and the case never goes before the courts.

They think they are justified becuase legal aid pay is so low.

So then...

Force them to do pro bono. I mean to say... Remove the low pay. Replace it with no pay. Require tehm to do good work for no pay. 60 hours per year. Otherwise they cannot charge for their services. If they aren't capable then they can't charge for their services. If they don't serve justice. Then they can't charge for their services.

You are welcome.


Re: Support

Posted by ert on July 16, 2020, at 17:00:49

In reply to Re: Support, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 18:41:16

It is a bit sad to hear that New Zealand has so much difficulties to acknowledge your great talents, Alexandra.
Your writing skills are amazing and it really makes a difference. Its good that you had been born.
I hope that you can reap the full fruits with your thesis, so that you can finally loan a house. But at best is starting from the little and if youre happy it can get bigger. Thats a wisdom from the Ikigai. My husband told me about that Japanese sense of meaning to life.

I think the Prime Minister Ardern could possess some positive interferences with your wavelength.

There is information flowing from overseas computer systems in NZ to Chicago and the great leader makes money, not you.

The leader has maybe a somewhat different understanding of property and privacy than other people. The Emperors in China but also the establishment at other places in Asia like e.g. Japan did not like it too much when people had a lot of property. If not shared with everyone, people tried to hide it or showed it only in private. They also like to hide behind masks. During the traditional opera or at some other occasion. But I think its not only culture here, its maybe narcissistic too. The circumstances changed in the last thousand years.

There should be at least an independent data protection officer if nothing else is done or if much money is generated the ruler must be changed.


Re: Support ert

Posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 2:40:24

In reply to Re: Support, posted by ert on July 16, 2020, at 17:00:49

> It is a bit sad to hear that New Zealand has so much difficulties to acknowledge your great talents, Alexandra.
> Your writing skills are amazing and it really makes a difference. Its good that you had been born.

that is very kind of you to say. thank you. it means something nice to me to hear that, right now. thanks for being here. and thanks for being you. and thanks for chatting to me.

> I hope that you can reap the full fruits with your thesis, so that you can finally loan a house. But at best is starting from the little and if youre happy it can get bigger. Thats a wisdom from the Ikigai. My husband told me about that Japanese sense of meaning to life.

i only wrote the thesis because auckland told me that i was required to do that for eligibility for medicine and if i provided evidence of completion then they would process my application for medicine. but turns out they lied / misadvised me on all counts.

turns out that as a domestic student who has attained the age of 20 years I am eligible and in fact entitled to be enrolled in the program of my choosing.

they can supply special requirements from teenagers to persuade the council that they are capable of tertiary study / edult education. the council has discretion for teenagers. but i am 20 years old and the council gets no discretion when it comes to me. i am eligible. end story.

i wasted 20+ years of my life jumping through bull sh*t hoops set for me by the tertiary education system in NZ. they haven't done any of the things they were required to do by statute or by calendar regulation or by webpage information suppled by the univesrity.

they sent me letters of extortion demanding bribes and exit paymetns and facilitation payments. they misused government money by incorrectly double billing and incorrectly invoicing the tertiary education commission and my student loan and refusing to get scholarship funding to where it was supposed to go, too.

the judge stayed my statement of claim. i think he was maybe begging me to get a lawyer because i filed it myself and the respondant didn't respond and so he only has my statemnt of claim and lawyers did not help him figure out the issue or suggest reasonable reparation or anything like that -- in the interests of justice.

so he suggested i get a lawyer. and he said i needed to work on this bit or that bit because i hadn't really done that. so i will try. and explain that in over 70 pages of legal aid lawyers nobody i emailed agreed to help with an application for judicial review as an applicant. the lawyers just advised me not to file it. which was not helpeful of them.

and one lawyer wasted 2 months of my time to construe the issue less plausibly than me (i believe) so as to throw the case (i believe) or demonstrated his incompetence (i belive) before 'remembering' a conflcit that he believed excused him from having to file anything. so now i have to pay $50 to try and have the law soceity go after his registration, dodgey bastard.

that's not justice for me.

i think i should get a pay-out because it seems to me that the people who have profited most at my expense are the senior officials at universities who have received thousands of dollars of government money under the auspices of educating me while they refused to process any of my work or pass anything on to me (e.g., scholarship funding i was granted). they took hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves every year. my $100,000 studnet loan is not even 1/4 of the previous VC of Auckland's salary for only 1 year.

When the previous VC of Auckland refused to process my application properly on appeal... over 2 years... how much of his salary should that be worth, to me?

where is justice for me??

> There is information flowing from overseas computer systems in NZ to Chicago and the great leader makes money, not you.

sigh. when i was living in dunedin i needed to apply for a rental house to live in. the rental agencies required applicants to upload their passport and drivers lisence and community services card and student identification card and probably bank card and all of their personal information... i think birth certificate... i think all the information... was required to be uploaded to this foreign website... otherwise the property managers would not process your application to live in a rental property. which means you would be forced to be homeless.

that's data security in new zealand.

that is to say there is no data security in new zealand.




work supplied to universities (intellectual property) is fed into turnitin. that's a New York company, i think. the see what grade the uni gave it and everything. they do what they will with the ideas. with teh content. sell it to other studnets. who knows.

that's data security in new zealand.

just handing it over... handing it over... handing it over...

so i'm not particularly worried about what i post to this website. i don't see how anybody profits from what i post at my expense... i don' tsee how or why anybody would keep me poor to profit more from me than they would profit from me having a way of life too... i don't see it... i don't see how...

but this is about one of the only ways i have of showing the world that there's someone home. something going on inside me. that i'm not stupid. i'm not mean. i'm not vile. that i'm a thoughtful curious thinking human being. because i'm not interested in connecting with people via facebook or other forms of social media. i'm just not.

my 'friends' all turned out to be my biggest enemies irl. they turned out to want to keep me poor and dependent on them. they turned out to not want me to achieve any of my goals or plans or anything... so much for friends, huh. and all the years i supported them and was happy for things going well for them when things were going well for them. and they didnt' seem to want things to go well for me. and they seemed to prefer to stabogate things for me if they thought they could get away with it. so...

> There should be at least an independent data protection officer if nothing else is done or if much money is generated the ruler must be changed.


i wouldn't mind a little house. i don't want a big house. i like to look after myself. not have a housekeeper. that means i need a small house if i don't want to be cleaning my house all of the time. something low maintainence. easy to care for. i wouldn't mind a bomb shelter or a bunker. i actually wouldn't mind owning the apartment i live in presently but i think it's owned by the university and the plan is to bulldoze it in the near future as part of the next hospital / university expansion development.

if i owned my apartment i would want to intall a heat pump (expenseive to install it in very very thick concrete walls). and have floor to ceiling shelving / bookcase / built in drawers / wardrobe running along the wall adjacent to my neighbour for sound insulation and storage. and have a better insulated thicker pile carpet. and plants... and better quality paint and a feature wall. and a mural on the outsdide wall that needs painting... i acutally really like my present apartment.

but the univeristy and hospital will likely bulldoze it. yeah.


Re: Support

Posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 9:18:16

In reply to Re: Support ert, posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 2:40:24

I am remembering how bad things became, for a time, there, under the National Government, when I was living in Dunedin.

The local Work and Income Office is a place where Tertiary Students and Retired folks and people with disabilities. People looking for work. Etc etc go to to ask for help.

Food. Rent. Basics sort of help.

The positioned security guards outside who would state that anybody wishing to enter the building was required to hand their passport / birth certificate / over to the security guards before the security guards would open the doors and allow them to enter the building.

In this manner the local office was going to report back to government 'no people reporting for help in Dunedin. No people needing food or housing or government support or assistance at all in Dunedin'.

Not caring that people would be forced to prostitution and crime.

Intentionally forcing people to prostitution and crime.

For the sake of... How much money for the people?

Less than the salary of the VC of the University in the region, I'm sure.

All these 'government beneficiaries' these chief executives adn the like... Earning excess of $100,000 per year. It would be cheaper to house them in jail and pay their replacement a fair wage and one would still have change to allow habitable housing and healthy food for how many people?

It's f*ck*ng criminal.

F*ck*ng selfish psychopaths.

I wouldn't inflict Dunedin on my worst enemy. They treat people like absolute garbage if they think they can get away with it. And they do get away with it. People don't want to spend their lives arguing with idiotic psychopaths about garbage and they cannot function with the idiot psychopaths in the vicinity.

So they are forced to flee...

Tis a nasty place.

The University has money or whatever tied up in a professional sports team. Has given them a sponsorship. Has University name branding on their professional rugby jerseys.

The University didn't pay lecturers to teach sport and exercise science so they could continue offering the nations best sport and exercise science program.

The University took a well respected program and gutted it. Refused to pay the lectuerers. Refused to invest in the development of the program.

Decides it is a better use of it's money to... Advertise??? By having branding pasted on professional sports teams jerseys.

This is a Public University of New Zealand. NOt a private University. Not a private company. A public university with statutory duties and obligations towards the educations of adults (not towards the physical and mental and sexual abuse of teenagers) the education of adults.

They don't even know what the f*ck*ng program is or is supposed to be.

The council is too busy specially selecting which teenagers they have targeted to abuse next.

To do their statutory job and enrol and process the qualifications of adult learners to international (and not local) standards of scholarship.

There's nothing here.


Re: Support

Posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 9:40:01

In reply to Re: Support, posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 9:18:16

I think the most important thing that people need to understand is that there is very little in the way of private business in New Zealand.

Good business cannot thrive here because of the lack of Government laws and regulations and (more importantly) the lack of enforcement for the laws and regulations there are.

The Government does not even invest in collecting up all the tax money it is supposed to obtain given the present laws on taxation. The wealthiest individuals wiggle out of paying their taxes and the Government is either unwilling or unable to obtain the money they are entitled to collect from them.

So raising taxes is... A b*llsh*t diversion issue. Wealthy people can say 'yes, please, raise the tax rate! tax me more! go ahead!' because they don't pay taxes so it makes no difference. Because the government doesn't collect upon the tax money it is supposed to collect.

So back to how the Government doesn't need more money (or it would collect it) the problem is more that the Government doesn't actually know how to use or invest the money it's got. So... It prefers to leave the money in the hands of private individuals. Thinking they will make better decisions or use of it than they would.

I think that is the idea.

So, for example, when NZ quickly quickly quickly went into level 4 lockdown. And the supermarket workers needed face masks... The face masks were supplied to essential workers from stocks purchased and maintained by private businesses. Not by the public health system. Not from government stocks. The supermarket supply people and so on did a better job of quickly securing or purchasing things than the government departments did...


So back to how the major employer is still the government rather than private businesses.

That is so.

And the government pays chief executives and the like hundreds of thousands of dollars per year while the government forces other individuals to have a life of crime and prostitution because it refuses to supply them a living wage. It refuses to supply some with enough healthy food to be healthy and with housing that is adequate. It prefers to supply chief executives with far more than they can ever hope to spend on their own needs in their own lifetime and keeps others in inhumane deprivation.

And it isn't about natural ability and hard work.

Because I work hard. I produce research. And the highest paid individuals refuse to process my work. Refuse to process my work. Refuse to acknowledge the work that was done. Refuse to process the work.

It is corruption.

Simple as that. F*ck*ng selfish idiotic psychopathic thieves. Criminals, really. Stealing from the government. Refusing to spend the government money on what it's supposed to be spent on.

The scholarships at University do not get to the studnets a lot of the time.

People are not paid for the work that they do.

They are told 'do the work and then we will pay you'

But they don't.

I'm 40 years old... And they treat me like I'm intellectually handicapped retarded in teh brain ha haha ha ha they have all the money and I cry for handouts because they win the game of life...

Because they run this country into the ground.

Our Universities should not be allowed to enrol students when they lack the capacity to get the work to external examiners and parse the reports of examiners and deliver the outcome of examination that was determined by examiners within a reasonable timeframe. If they cannot do that then they do not have the capacity to offer research degrees.

That is to say they are not Universities.

They are community colleges (teaching only).

They are secondary schools or high schools when the council selects teenagers as targets of abuse (particularly for professional practice degrees) rather than enrolling adults in a tertiary education system that is for adult learners. that is for studnets who have attained the age of 20 years.

The Education Act actually says that domestic studnets who have attained the age of 20 years are eligible to enrol in the program of their choosing. That if they apply to enrol then they are entitled to be enrolled in that program.

Then there is a limitations thing on what the University may do if there are more eligible studnets than places available in certin programes.

And there is a provision that the Univesrity council may choose to set additional hoops and requirements and so on for teenagers and choose to that some of them are eligible / entitled to be enrolled as well at the discretion of the council.

So what Auckland does... And Otago too, I belive... Is they refuse to supply aplication to enroll forms because they don't want to enrol adults who the Education Act says are entitled to be enrolled if they submit applications to enrol.

So instead Auckland supplies applications for admission. And thinksk they are very very clever in not enrolling people who are intended to be enrolled by the very clear meaning of the education act.

The council does not have discretion to determine eligibility for adults.

But the council thinks it's job is not to be involved in the education of adults. Rather it is to be involved in the abuse of teenagers.

So the whole focus is on encouraging all the teenagers to dance and prance about them doing all the hoops they set for them in order to charm or delight the council into selecting them as targets for abuse (I mean at persons given applications to enroll) in various programmes.

It is not sustainable.

It undermines the credibiity of our tertiary education sector on the world stage.

It prevents the development of professional degree programs. We don't have doctors, lawyers, engineers. We don't have secure software systems. And so on.

We have psychopaths who like to abuse teenagers for their own personal advantage.

We have the Government... The last National Government who seemed to support and condone and actually invest in the development of these systema and institutions of abuse.

It's not sustainable.


Re: telegram has channels with conversations...

Posted by ert on October 22, 2020, at 14:52:09

In reply to Re: Support, posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 9:40:01

... that equals asynchronous chat. so, this illegal website that violates many laws including human rights is not only replaceable but easily replaceable.


Re: telegram has channels with conversations...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 15:30:46

In reply to Re: telegram has channels with conversations..., posted by ert on October 22, 2020, at 14:52:09

how are you?

i've been thinking on what you said about my posting content here... and about how i should find other channels for it. because posting it to here is a bit like posting into the abyss. with respect to me getting credit for my work, i mean. and you are right. i should at least set up a blog or a webpage or something that links to the work that i've done. especially now that the university isn't acknowledging my thesis. then when i see other academics in nz saying things similar to what i said i can say 'yeah i heard you say that. in my thesis of 2018 i said this'. and so on. so it is clear that this thing that came out by this big-wig in nz came out a good year after i finished my thesis.

i have legal cases coming up so we will see about the courts. historically the nz courts have not been very generous with damages. but new zealand should pay me out because they stole my life. i worked for them and they refused to give me credit. they did not do any of the things that they were required by law to do. they did not enrol me. they did not get my work to examiners. they did not base the outcome of examination on reports of examiners. council of public universities think they can select studnets into whatever programmes they want. they decide that some studnets will only be given entry to some programmes (e.g., 'first in family' studnets they call them where the attitide is 'hey, at least you got a degree at all -- right'?).

some studnets are picked to pay fees, pay fees, pay fees... some other studnets are picked to win all the full fee paying scholarships. in the interests of meritocracy for those in need - right? wrong. precisely the reverse. they intentionally engage in practices designed to help the most fortunate at the expense of the least. the kids with the parents earning half a million or a few hundred grand per year from the government for their government job -- those are the kids who get the all expenses paid free ride in our public tertiary education system. it's the poor kids who are expected to take out loans and loans and loans for degrees in early childhood education etc where they are then only offered jobs at minimum wage.

it's criminal.

but it's too hard to prosecture so alex gets to do it in the civil courts. becuase the government prosecutors are paid how much again??? to ensure that they never win. i'm sure they don't tryyyyyyyyyyy and lose. it's just that, well, they probably are one and the same as the kids who got the all expenses paid by the university law degree...

i suppose i don't know how much they pay in teh alumni donor lists. to be fair. or how much they personally bribe or gift to members of the medical admissions committee and the like.

i see that there are a huge millions upon millions of dollars of whistleblower payout. maybe. i wonder if it was to do with pharmaceuticals and vaccine development. maybe a little data manipulation or creativity. something like that.

or it could be to do with DCMA music content. but probably vaccine development. i would imagine. that's where huge sums of money are at right now.

i didn't realise purdue was connecticut.

they have fentanyl test strips in rhode island.

the poppies from tasmania...



Re: telegram has channels with conversations...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 15:46:08

In reply to Re: telegram has channels with conversations..., posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 15:30:46

it's about contributing in a way that makes things better and not worse.

they want doctors who will unquestioningly follow the prescription algorithm... thereby prescribing medications that it is lucrative for the doctors employer to prescribe...

which should be criminal.

what did fauci say? 'it's nothing personal -- it's business'.

but it is undermining the health of people. criminal.

the whistleblower article... the payout seemed crazy to me. I don't know what it is about. maybe it is to do with purdue. maybe it is one and the same as the guy who owned the company. i mean to say maybe the guy with the greatest financial stake in the company lost a lot because of the outcome of the case -- but gained a lot because of his role in bring the case through the courts.


for the development of both pharmaceuticals and law. for better regulations. that enabled better pharmaceutical business.

game-changing. it's a fashionable term, right now. but it's great to see good games described. whether they are a myth or whatever... that people get the idea of it. the ideal of it.

you want whistleblowers to get mighty pay-outs to encourage people to blow the whistle on sh*tty sh*t. whistleblowers do suffer in the short term. the internal agencies who are supposed to sort it out refuse and try and shut the whistleblower down instead. the whistleblower needs to go to external agencies.

in the case of nz you have to take them to court. not just the initial organisation but the organisation that is supposed to investigate whistleblower allegations. the serious fraud office. the biggest offender. the tertiary education commission whose job is to ensure the integrity of our qualifiations by refusing to investigate allegations of manipulation of transcript and keeping false record and refusing to grade to international standards...

and have a 3 strikes and you are out policy to prevent people persisting with the 'lotto' of vexatious claims.


i don't know that Brown will even process my application. i emailed someone from the admissions office and i got a blow-off response. someone who didn't parse my query, really, and didn't pass it to someone with the capacity to do that. 'you aren't eligible'. they say when they don't know what to do. instead of just leaving it in the pile and letting the higher ups make decisions.

the issue is...

it's unlawful to segregate studnets on the basis of race. yeah. if roe v wade is not inviolable precedent setting apparently brown v the board of education is. though i think it may have been wrongly decided insofar as the reason for why segregation is wrong. but i don't deny segregation is wrong. whether it's an elite school or a rubbish school....

it's illegal to discriminate on the basis of age.

but old people are stupid -- right? and old people aren't allowed to do 4 year college degrees at certain universities because you have to be your first year out of high school to do an undergraduate college degree with them -- right?

and they (sometimes) don't take transfer studnets.

I get why they don't take transfer students. quality control on their degrees. that's fair. i'm not questioning it.

but then... some studnets do in fact take a gap year between high school and university. right? So they don't have a high school counsellor feeding the university reports in the year prior to them starting university -- right?

but those are the exception?

everybody else must supply counsellor reports in the year prior to starting college...

and adults can't go to secondary school -- can they?

i mean secondary school isn't academics. it's where you go to eat your lunch and sexually abuse each other, most probably...

and then what about the correspondance kids?


i asked about what to do because i don't have a counselor to submit school reports. can i post them transcripts?

and they say 'you aren't eligible to apply because you already have degrees'.

and i say... 'thanks. no offence... i don't know your name or anything... but i don't have degrees in north america and if you could tell me what you tell yoru gap year and correspondance school people that would be great.'


just like NZ... the first lowest paid administrator in the chain is the fastest to throw my application away.


Re: telegram has channels with conversations...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 16:02:22

In reply to Re: telegram has channels with conversations..., posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 15:46:08

i couldn't find a lawyer. we have lists of pages and pages and pages of lawyers who apparently will work for legal aid. legal aid is a government programme that means the government will pay the lawyers fees. but there is a specific list of fees that the lawyer can claim and it is not as good as they believe they should get so many lawyers don't want to work legal aid cases. but i couldn't find a lawyer who would agree to work a civil case as an applicant. they are used to legal aid applicants being forced to court as defendents. on criminial cases, usually. or civil. but the idea of someone asking for legal aid as an applicant in a civil case... that was something they couldn't really get their head around. becuase it's optional. right? and some options are only available to those with personal riched. right?

fortunately the judges aren't stupid. but i couldn't find a lawyer.

i guess part of it is it is perhaps going beyond their skill / usual expertise. it is a differnet thing to be the originator or the applicant. you have to frame the case etc. that's the hardest bit. it's harder to be the applicant.

i found something that said i could apply for an amicus curiae. a friend to the court. sometimes in big cases the court will commission a report. maybe from the law society or from some external agency. becuase they want legal advice about something of relevance to the case. so the judge can request that. but also i could request one. i suppose. i suppose that's what that means. there was something about how one could be appointed to the court when a party is unrepresented. usually it is about when you have someone who is not competent to stand trial. and then they become unsettled during the proceedings and they fire their defence lawyer. so the judge can request an independent person to ensure the person gets a fair trial. or maybe even keep the persons former defence lawyer on as a consultant to the court even while not representing the person anymore (the person has the right to represent themself but their former lawyer has a clue as to the laws relevant for their best defence).

so i asked for one.

and that was a bit puzzling to everyone. and that was declined.

and then the judge asked a question of the other party. and i said 'objection irrelevant'. because it was a whole garden path side-track waste of time that the other party was trying to hijack the issue and turn it into something else.

and then i was like 'am i allowed to do that?' in whispers... because i interrupted the judge to say that.

and then later i looked things up...

and you are OBLIGED to object. you are OBLIGED to say 'objection. irrelevant immaterial or'... i forget the other one.

and if you don't object then you can't bring it up in an appeal later.

soooooooooooo... what that means...

is that by not appointing me an amicus curae... by my being forced to be unrepresented from poverty... they can't then say that i don't have the right to appeal becuase some law that was relevant was not raised or considered. ot becuase i didn't object to something during the trial.

there are lots of things that i should be saying 'application to strike out. irrelevant'. and then things could progress so much faster. otherwise i need to take every irrelevant thing that they raise and show them to be irrelevant. then i'm talking to idiots. because it's obvious -- right? and i get into a place where i'm explaining p=p and... what the f*ck.


Re: telegram has channels with conversations...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 16:16:10

In reply to Re: telegram has channels with conversations..., posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 16:02:22

I think the issue is genuinely that we don't have many people who are good at that. I mean so say I don't think there are many lawyers on the legal aid list that would be as... assertive... to the University of Auckland lawyers as I, myself, am personally being.

I think most would be cowed.

Not as assertive with objections and the like. From what I have seen of court process... Things are very ploddy. Sleepy. People don't object. Judges don't object. When judges ask questions (especially of more junior lawyers) they are actually a bit apologetic, even, that they may be throwing them off their stride which might cause them to lose track which might mean that they are supposed to speak but don't have anything to say at all...

There's an element of that.


I did read something that said that the judges ability to decide the case was fairly indepent of the skill of the lawyer. The judge relied on the lawyers to get the facts before the judge but the judge had many many years of expertise with the law and the judge could look things up for themselves and so on, too, so basically, even if the lawyer did not raise something that they should have or whatever the judge could still ensure justice was done by bringing these things in themselves...



That's now how it's supposed to go. Of course the judge thinks they are independent and impartial. But the idea of having lawyers is to really put forwards the best case and ensure that things aren't prematurely decided.


It seemed to me that the judge was coming down on the side of the University...

Because the University presented a nice time-line of proceedings and it was easy for the judge to go 'yes, okay, since the other party doesn't have anything better sounding and you guys have made a lovely timeline lets go with that'.

But I had to object. And say they missed their deadline on filing a statement of defence. So judgement may proceed without them. So I request judgement proceed without them. They were late. Too bad.

And their timeline changed the issue. The hearing is about the issue I raise as the applicant. They put in a motion to strike out my application and made the hearing be about their issue. But their issue is irrelevant. PRoceed to summary judgment without them they were late.


The judge ended up finding some other law that said they MUST file a statement of defence. I don't know about that.


They were ORDERED to file a statement of defence for the issue that I (the applicant) raised.

But I don't know that that would have been the outcome if I hadn't have objected. And requested summary judgement. And pointed out that they changed the issue to something irreelvant on their timeline.


They pay me -- right?

They stole my life.

And gave it to tehir incompetent progeny so we can have wrongful death, wrongful death, wrongful death, oopsie! you had an allergic response to the wool we left inside you hahahahaha! wrongful death'...


Re: telegram has channels with conversations...

Posted by ert on November 13, 2020, at 4:00:44

In reply to Re: telegram has channels with conversations..., posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 16:16:10

this criminal who is stealing sensitive profiles
has other domains


Re: After building up the database with the data..

Posted by ert on November 13, 2020, at 11:03:10

In reply to Re: telegram has channels with conversations..., posted by ert on November 13, 2020, at 4:00:44

...or profiles respectively from people who could not revoke and shortly afterwards placing the social network buttons under the posts, he tries to disperse it so that the likeliness that someone pushes on the buttons and amazon links is bigger and generates more income. This instead of trying to be compliant with many laws. That is malevolent behavior.


Re: Babble, a supportive milieux

Posted by rjlockhart37 on November 13, 2020, at 23:08:19

In reply to Babble, a supportive milieux, posted by Toph on June 24, 2020, at 15:04:06

i don't think babble is biased at all, maybe it was in the 2000s. I find it a place to go, yes comfort. I also post a little too much and write somewhat awkward posts. I think it could a good reading ground for the internet. We lost 70-80% of posters in the 2010s, late 2010s. Social media ahppened, twitter facebook, but a thing to know, just like those, these posts go onto the internet, but this site originally in 90s were still on a old format, but have a new server

attacks and arguements, semi-biaset against certain posters was around 2000s. I rerember the old days of so much energy and electrcity here. It's died down, kinda like a coffee shop that once was filled with people, then now just handful of posters


Re: Babble, a supportive milieux

Posted by rjlockhart37 on November 13, 2020, at 23:11:58

In reply to Re: Babble, a supportive milieux, posted by rjlockhart37 on November 13, 2020, at 23:08:19

reddit is more of place you want to go to talk to people about alot of things, they have posting names just like here


Re: Babble, lawful ?

Posted by ert on November 14, 2020, at 3:07:47

In reply to Re: Babble, a supportive milieux, posted by rjlockhart37 on November 13, 2020, at 23:11:58

it could also be replaced by reddit since reddit obviously has an asynchronous structure.

But the condition is that once someone leaves here it must be ensured that they can delete their profiles themselves.

If they cant this is theft.

Since this website contains profiles with PHI it overrides freedom of speech. If not, freedom of speech could be taken as a pretext to unlawfully disclose PHI to third parties. The reason is because the upload is taking place by a doctor. If the uploader were not a doctor, the situation would be different.

Actually, this website should not have started.

Nevertheless those people who leave must be able to delete or edit their posts and profiles themselves.

That the website is free is misleading too. It lets for example younger people or unaware people believe that it could be justified because it is free. But truly its not justified with this policy even it is free.


Re: Babble, lawful ? ert

Posted by alexandra_k on November 14, 2020, at 20:48:48

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ?, posted by ert on November 14, 2020, at 3:07:47

> Actually, this website should not have started.

It was ahead of the game, that's for sure. Raimonda said that the other day. About vaccines. About being ahead of the game.

It'll be a real game, getting things down to the southern hemisphere. Sh*t about to get real with respect to New Zealand's place in the world.

I thought that things might be smoothed over all nicely by our government...

But now...

I am thinking things won't be.

I don't think the world is terribly impressed by Jacinda Ardern, really, for putting the country into lockdown (unlawfully) and not putting a swift lid on media attention proclaiming how wonderful and admirable and world leading she was.

The terrible critique that New Zealand offered of the US and British etc etc leaders...

But we will be left crying for vaccine hand-outs along with countries like Samoa and the Cook Islands and the other developing nations who contribute nothing to their development or to their financing.

Cold chain. Huh.

What is New Zealand going to do to get cold storage and supply chain sorted to teh Cook Islands (our dependency)?

We haven't got it sorted, yet, with quarantine. We don't demonstrate basic understanding of the function of quarantine yet. I mean... People are travelling from NZ to the Cook Islands... Should they be isolating before arriving in the Cook Islands or after returning to New Zealand or both or neither?

The people working with those in quarantine (those who have tested positive) still don't have N95 masks. Still don't have them. There is no current shortage. Manufacturers have been asking 'how many do you want to purchase? How many do you need'? The Government has been choosing how many to order and the Government has been choosing it's policies on who wears them (nobody) and how often they change them (once per day?)...

While Ashley Bloomfield earns half a million dollars per year (regardless of how the election turns out) and he doesn't even need to save for his kids college education because they will get all the very very best of the public training places and the public scholarships for themselves.

There will be quite the game when it comes to vaccines...

1) By all accounts the problem isn't that people don't develop an immune response. The problem is that people have too severe an immune response and experience microclots etc. I would be worried about the incredibly high efficacy rate -- I would be worried about longer term consequences of too much of an immune response. I am curious to see about the longer term data...

2) They say the first people to get vaccines are healthcare workers and vulnerable people. Why healthcare workers? Most of them are low risk if they do get infected. They could be vectors? Having a vaccination doesn't prevent a person being a vector -- does it? So why do healthcare workers get to have vaccines? Why?

I'll tell you why: Because who is going to stop them, that's why.

We have this wonderful ability to trace things now... Especially with the 2 dose requirement... This wonderful ability to trace things from the manufacture to the arm. Which arms. Whose arms. And why. Then that is down on people's permanent health record. The decisions the informed doctors and healthcare workers made about who gets that first batch of vaccine (in particular) that is supposed to go to vulnerable people.

3) Mmmmm.... Yeah... I don't know how amenable the people will be in this part of the world. That won't stop the bully-tactics / bully-techniques that are typically employed. They'll just line the people up and give them the shots. The population is... COmpliant. Marajuana does that. Etc. I don't doubt the government isn't really worried at all about people not having the shots. I don't know... We recently had a debarcle about the flu shot. Turned out that healthcare workers were stockpiling them and they weren't ending up in arms. They were intending to keep them and sell them later to the highest bidder once the date rolled by where they anticipated high demand and high willingness to pay by people. So... Why give a vaccine to a homeless person who doesn't pay when you can sell that exact vaccine to someone who will give you $50 for it in a couple weeks?

We have carefully selected these people to the head of our health system. So...

It would be irrespondible to give us vaccines, really.

I mean... We don't have refridgeration.

HOw are our hand sanitiser orders looking? Are people still sanitising their hands?

That's why they don't get masks?

Why they don't get N95 masks?

Why they don't get vaccines??

I don't know how many 2 year masters degrees at Harvard you need to fund to get our people with speaking rights with the programme already...

It is just a matter of time, for here... It might take a year... For the temporary morgues, I mean. I don't know... We will see...

Rhode Island is only now just getting close to using the first of their field hospitals... The wave transmission... Well... It's turning into more of a cold war.


Cold storage. Huh.

Frozen out.

Or not frozen. Therefore out.

Khan Academy is developing HIstory / Civics Curriculum. People don't have to get married to become citizens! Peurto Rico people are citizens! I didn't know! I can't remember what was what amendment... But there you go! Get the right visa (so you don't re-set the 5 years) and make clear your intent... Then don't commit a felony (or misdememour) no jay walking. No bicycling on the footpath...


Sigh. Fingers crossed... And all that... A few more college applications... I don't know where to apply... Amherst? Rice? Northwestern? Penn? Johns Hopkins? Duke? I think the science universities would eat me.


Re: Babble, lawful ?

Posted by alexandra_k on November 14, 2020, at 21:23:02

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? ert, posted by alexandra_k on November 14, 2020, at 20:48:48

I think the NZ Universities are winding down.

The VC of Otago has announced her retirement (to Western Australia).

The VC of Auckland left start of this year (the new one was most recently from Western Australia).

I think NZ was a back-door for entry to Australia.

I mean to say the 'preferential entry for rural' admissions scheme... Very wealthy regions of New Zealand e.g., Waiheke Island were classified Rural. That would be like... Saying that people from Long Island would be given preferential entry to NYU for being rural. Also Sydney. Since Sydney is outside a major NZ city council it would be classified as rural. That means that when the VC of Sydney or Western Australia or whatever has a kid so stupid they can't fudge it's entry to a Medical School in Australia... They can fudge it's Medical School entry to New Zealand as 'rural'.


Our graduate research degrees have been quite the hoax for a very long time, now. Not sure they were ever legitimate, at all.

I think people were conned a bit into enrolling in a Master's by research while they were awaiting the outcome of Northern Hemisphere applications. I see that in the US people take a gap year between Undergrad and Professional Schools, sometimes, because you need the scores in so early etc etc etc... And then the 1 year Masters would get drawn out into two years...

But if you take a programme that was 1 year full time and it isn't completed over 1 year it is completed over 2 years then you have made it part-time.

And somehow...

Somehow... The Universities got to double-billing the Government. Which the government likely didn't mind because the double-bill was still cheaper than paying an actual graduate entry level salary for 1 year.

So then the idea is that people who participate in research degrees are stupid. Must be. Must be stupid.

And then the only question is how low we can go...

We started marketing things to migrants. We said we offered them benefits of locals. That is to say we charged them domestic studnet rates instead of international student rates to enrol in PhD or other research qualifications. Sometimes people got a $22,500 or whatever salary (scholarship) per year to do their PhD.


That's consderably less of a salary than would be an entry level job for a graduate! People really are stupid if they choose graduate school over an entry level job!

And then the only question is how low we can go...

We can refuse to sign them off in 3 years... Take a year to grade the thesis... Refuse to sign them off in 4 years...

How do they earn a living?

We could pay them minimum wage for teaching work? HOw low can we go... Or they can lose University affiliation entirely.

We can get them laboring for 10 years to complete a PhD. They can work in supermarkets stocking the shelves at night because we don't pay tehm anything at all anymore.

Just keep on working! Just fix one more typo! It will take your supervisor just another month to read the last lot of changes that you did!

How low can we go?


Apparently the government okayed 250 PhD studnets who had started who needed to put their PhD on hold... Okayed them to come back to NZ because they need to be in NZ to complete their Degree. Only the studnets who needed to be in the country to complet their Degree.

Because we need to honor our contract to those students.


Because good people cannot do business with us.


Because dis-establishment is imminent. Becuase the Universities refuse to get the work to the examiners and refuse to allow examiners to sign the studnets off.


We have a tyrrany.

I thought the problem was that we didn't have proper division between powers.. Separation of powers. I thought the problem was that the Judiciary wasn't functional. Nobody seems to know what Judicial Review is...

Geoffery Palmer was a Prime Minister of New Zealand.
His son studied Law at Auckland and did a PhD in Legal Studies (best I can figure) from Yale.
Now his son is a justice who specialises in Judicial Review.
Best I can figure he's responsible for holding back the development of that since... Well... HIs career... That's his career...
What -- I'm supposed to get a judicial review of the fact that he refused to progress to judgement when the respondant (his former University) failed to file a statement of defence within the allowable time (25 days).


But those are branches of government.

It's that we don't have a distinction between politics and government. We don't have a distinction between politicking and popular opinion and majority might is right soft power... ANd rule of law. Governance. We don't have any of the latter.

Most of our rules seem developed or designed to teach people not to obey rules. For example... Traffic lights at crossings. There will be red light for all vehicles for a long time. So the foot traffic is cleared. Then massive amounts of downtime. Plenty of time for bicycles or scooters or... Heavy density foot traffice or light density vehicular traffic to cross as well. But it's red lights. Not allowed to go. Then when the vehicular lights change to green the scooters and biccyles are expected to be right out front holding up the road traffic. This is in Auckland where you don't get much traffic through each light change.

I mean to say that using common sense courtesy is the best idea because our rules or laws or signage is mostly stupid. Similar for the bicycle lanes. They blind end a lot of the time. Stop suddenly. They have road cones placed right in the way.

If the goal is flow and safety... Then teh rules are am impediment.

WHich is as the government wills the people to believe.

It's a way of ruining the population for anything else.

We don't believe in bonding -- we believe in branding. Which is slavery. Here makes no sense at all.


Re: Babble, lawful ?

Posted by ert on November 16, 2020, at 17:24:28

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ?, posted by ert on November 14, 2020, at 3:07:47

Again, for research purposes it is lawful under certain circumstances to remove identifiers from PHI and use the content offline.

But the situation is different when PHI is disclosed to third parties.

Did Hsiung ask those who had no choice if they wanted their profiles or posts distributed on other websites or domains?

> it could also be replaced by reddit since reddit obviously has an asynchronous structure.
> But the condition is that once someone leaves here it must be ensured that they can delete their profiles themselves.
> If they cant this is theft.
> Since this website contains profiles with PHI it overrides freedom of speech. If not, freedom of speech could be taken as a pretext to unlawfully disclose PHI to third parties. The reason is because the upload is taking place by a doctor. If the uploader were not a doctor, the situation would be different.
> Actually, this website should not have started.
> Nevertheless those people who leave must be able to delete or edit their posts and profiles themselves.
> That the website is free is misleading too. It lets for example younger people or unaware people believe that it could be justified because it is free. But truly its not justified with this policy even it is free.


Re: Babble, lawful ? ert

Posted by alexandra_k on November 19, 2020, at 5:51:13

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ?, posted by ert on November 16, 2020, at 17:24:28

> Again, for research purposes it is lawful under certain circumstances to remove identifiers from PHI and use the content offline.

What is PHI?

> Did Hsiung ask those who had no choice if they wanted their profiles or posts distributed on other websites or domains?

I remember something about giving him permission to do as he sees fit with our posts. From the sign-up multi-guess.

There never was anything preventing people from sharing a link to a Babble post so far as I can tell. The little icons to tweet or whatever just act as more visible reminders. But it isn't that hard to copy-paste post URLs.

> > But the condition is that once someone leaves here it must be ensured that they can delete their profiles themselves.

Maybe. But it would dismantle the site.

> > If they cant this is theft.

People gifted their posts to the site, I thought. In the hope that they would obtain help for themself / that they would help others.

I guess the Harvard Master's Degrees are Honorary or whatever. Our Prime Minister just got one and now there is a Scholarship or whatever you like to call it where a studnet gets to do a terminal Master's at Harvard in a international politics school, or whatever.

Diplomatic. They set up a scholarship in her name, or something. To make her look good. That she wants other people to grow up to get to do things in the world like how she got to grow up to do things in the world. Or whatever. I guess that is point of them... A diplomatic thing.

Diplomacy never was my strength / strong point. Nobody has ever accused me of being too diplomatic. I wish I had better skills at diplomacy -- but for that my situation / circumstance would need to be different. It is easier to be the better person (so to speak) when one is genuinely at an advantage or genuinely better positioned. Like graciousness. It is easier to be gracious from a certain position / perspective and not so much from other places.

I wonder how she will decide who is the recipient of the award. If it will be publically advertised. Who will get to apply. If they have to give up their personal information and write a 10 year invesetment plan on how they would invest $5,000 etc etc etc.

Hey, I know, maybe they can give the money to the government in exchange for 'bonus bond' (if one invests it any other way then one will actually be required to live off it before one gets welfare payments and since there aren't jobs that's just another way of saying that if you don't give it to the government in bonus bonds then they will take it from you, anyway)...

And then instead of paying interest on the bonus bonds they will have a lottery thing whereby you could potentially win a certain amount. And everybody knows the rules of gambling -- house wins! Or in this case, the government! Ingenious!

Our bonus bond scheme got dis-established. Apparently they hadn't been paying out the way they should have been if ALL the interest had been payed out. Also people were dying and their estates weren't informed that there were bonds. So the government thought it would just get all the money for free, in that way.

The worst of it is how we have apparently (according to the media) paid for x or y numbers of doses of vaccine from x or y supplier and...

Get this...

*They haven't even got the safety data back yet*.

It wasn't that the government decided to invest in a portfolio of vaccines (the ones our experts decided were good to back with respect to risk etc etc)... It wasn't even that the government decided to ask someone who knows more than them what sort of an investment portfolio might be a good idea...

It was that the government waited until small samplings of data came back...

At which point it committed to be a first buyer!

Wowzers! I don't think any of the US states have signed contracts for actual doses yet. I mean the data isn't back yet.

Right behind you.


Re: Babble, lawful ? alex

Posted by ert on November 19, 2020, at 10:41:22

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? ert, posted by alexandra_k on November 19, 2020, at 5:51:13

It can establish unwanted doctor-patient relationships. e.g. younger and uneducated participants maybe think that this is in any case good because it is run by a doctor and they trust. A connection is established between them by uploading data. But in fact the uploader who is a doctor rips them off (and those who give grants) because he doesnt inform them informed about their rights that they have choice. They wont have choice and money is generated. That they wont have choice but it could help is not a justification that this doctor does not abide by the laws. How does he know that it helps? I could be that it damages more.

But, yeah, as I said before it started in the year 1998. the most established asynchronous chat tool was usenet this time. Dont know if there was something else.

Ardern obviously got reelected. Have you applied at Arderns office? They maybe need people with good writing skills. Its great that youre (likely) virus free. Do they grow garlic and basil in NZ? -My husband likes that.


Re: Babble, lawful ? alex ert

Posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 0:24:50

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? alex, posted by ert on November 19, 2020, at 10:41:22

I thought the point of passing the multiple-choice test was to demonstrate understanding of several things... One of which was that we were to support each other (not enter into a doctor-patient relatinship) and another of which was that Dr Bob was able to do what he chose with the posts that were posted. That the site wasn't a substitute for in person advice etc etc.

I do remember hearing people talk about usenet. I had a brief look at some point -- but I didn't take to it. I don't suppose I spent much time there. People here mostly had bad things to say about it since it was relatively unmoderated, I think.

Yes, Ardern got re-elected.

I am concerned about that. John Key was a charasmatic leader and he progressively lost the plot / went mad with power. I have concerns that she could head the same way. There have been conccerns...

I applied for government jobs at one point. I applied for qualitative analysis jobs and not quantitative analysis jobs. They said they wanted me to sit some psychometric test... Then, I think 6 months later or whatever I wasn't having any bites... And I thought about the civil servants I met / knew in Wellington... And I thought about how I didn't want to join them. I didn't want the things they wanted in life etc. They thought they were doing well and they thought they were successful. And that's good. It is good when people feel that way about themselves and about their friends. But I didn't want what they wanted in life...

I am applying to college in the US.

I am suing the Universities, here. Things are not good in New Zealand. Our people don't have intellectual freedom. We don't have freedom of speech or anything like that.

I more recently got a bit curious about why my Grandfather lost his ministry / became imprisioned when he was a contientious objector... Because contientious objectors in the US could join the peace core or whatever instead. But in NZ they rounded up the contientious objectors and kept them in prison camps. I didn't realise that. Our government has always been a major opressor of the people.

I recently saw some online thing about one of the top people, maybe the CE or whatever of Microsoft talking with Ardern etc. This thing about how recent times have resulted in I don't remember what they said... Decades? Of IT development and infrastructure in NZ. Probably. I think something like 90 per cent of government workers didn't have Windows 10 on their home computers (or upgrade capability to Windows 10) when the country went into lockdown.

I don't know what will happen with my US applications... Worst case I have to enrol in correspondance school in NZ for 2021 and apply again next year. I am hoping that 'project warp speed' might be an answer to 'beam me up'. I want to get the f*ck out of New Zealand. I am so sick and tired and done with and over here.

All my life: I don't have suitable housing. All my life: The people paid to look after me / the people who profitter off of keeping me unhappy and unhealthy are... It is like someone put the IHC in charge of here. They don't realise how stupid they are.

I recently learned that it's the cheap lending the reserve bank supplies to people. They use their house as leverage to borrow to buy more houses... And the solution is to stop cheap lending to home owners to buy more homes. If lending it cheap it should be for business development... Encourage people to invest in businesses and start ups and so on rather than being slum landlords or giving all their money to the government for 'bonus bonds' that don't even pay interest they are supposed to be a lottery with a 'chance to win' where the pay-out was never equivalent to teh interest that should have been paid. The government profiteering from 'house wins'.

Our government is a combination of incompetent and... Incompetent. They can't identify competence when they see it. People don't listen to anybody other than themselves. They don't understand / can't hear / can't identify a good idea when it's presented.

Nobody listens to me, here. ALl my life: Slow down Alex. We (especically you) don't get to go any faster... Don't get to accomplish any more than the slowest and least able...

But who wants computers?
Who wants a functioning stock exchange (that doesn't sieze when people actually attempt to buy shares)?

It's just f*ck*ng useless, here.

Nobody does what they are supposed to do with respect to their function. Police don't prosecute etc etc. There are just useless people collecting up all the money holding the country to ranson. HOstages. It's not safe for me, here.

But I'm on camera everywhere.

There's a security camera right outside my door.
There's a security camera for the stairwell.
There's a security camera on the lower floor.
There's a security camera... A succession of them all the way along the road...
To the supermarket.
To the gym.

So if something happens to me...

It'll be there on camera.

I have basil growing on my balcony, now :)
I got a cutting of a rubber plant from my mother.
I got a... Gerbera?? Too... I agonised over choosing... I got it with color unknown becuase it had 4 buds on it... It's really really pretty orange with yellow tips.

I don't know that we grow garlic. Actually, I had a friend who grew garlic. I buy garlic in the store. It rots, unfortunately, being too humid in my house.

> Ardern obviously got reelected. Have you applied at Arderns office? They maybe need people with good writing skills. Its great that youre (likely) virus free. Do they grow garlic and basil in NZ? -My husband likes that.


Re: Babble, lawful ? alex

Posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 1:36:03

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? alex, posted by ert on November 19, 2020, at 10:41:22

We just don't have basic infrastructure, in New Zealand.

Our education system is crap. It is more about giving prizes to the kids we like the most (particularly the kids of senior officials and the like) than anything else.

Teachers are a combination of uneducated themselves (hopeless, in other words) or swamped by masses and masses of kids they are expected to babysit where the kids parents don't have enough money to feed them etc and we don't have things like lunches in schools.

I am presently sueing 2 universities, and 'universities nz' who is apparently responsible for the quality of our tertiary education. The issue is that they all of them refuse to allow people to work to international standards of scholarship. Our public (government funded) Universities think they are private and they can pick and choose. They don't need to pick and choose ones who show potential, though, becuase they will continue to get a succession of government hand-outs.

They don't sign off on the competent. They still haven't given me my Degree. They refuse to supply applications to enrol. They refuse to process my applications to enrol. They say 'we don't choose you' like they get to choose. They refuse to do their most basic of functions.

They give degrees to studnets who plagarise from their teachers. Studnets who string together lecturers powerpoint slides and present it in sentance form for their essays. They give degrees to studnets who report false lab data, who perform unethical experiments etc etc etc...

THey give degrees to people who are branded so that nobody else will want them. The people who agreed to commit atrocities so that no other university will want them. So they are permanently bonded or branded or...

Here is really very very very nasty.

It's impossible to focus on the work because we don't have the infrastrucure for work to be done.

Police don't prosecute. Probably because the lawyers are all the children of the senior officials. Given their honorary titles and their copious salaries to do... what, exactly? They don't seem to know what their statutory function is.

People have busied themselves trying to create a landed elite like what England wanted to be however many generations ago.

And they think that everybody is playing that game.

And they think that I'm IHC for opting out of their game.

And they can try and cry for vaccines and try and cry for computers and software and so on and so forth...

And they can see for how much longer the developed world puts up with them refusing to allow their people to work to international standards and refusing to allow their people to participate in genuinely useful and meaningful and productive activity.

It's a vast wasteland of useless, here.

(I don't have anything against intellectually handicapped people. What these people have is a very very particular kind of a frontal lobe defect coupled with faulty wiring with respect to the internal buzz or whatever they get from exploiting others).

I am not happy in NZ. I don't have peers, here.

But the courts should declare. They are required to give me my degree since the requirements for the degree were met to teh satisfaction of external examiners. Nobody cares whether the Dean thinks I've sucked up enough nobody cares. Nobody cares what the Universities of NZ think about the quality of anybodies work. That's why they aren't invited to peer review on quality journals. Nobody cares. They just refuse to get with teh f*ck*ng programme, already.

And they were required to have admitted me to Medicine and trained me.

And since they refused they can pay me out. They can pay for my Medical Degree overseas, then.

Of course the courts won't order that. Because our courts are useless, too.

The Universities choose the youngest of teenagers they can find (along with the kids of the senior officials) to send them along to be raped at law camps and raped at law firm office parties. The Universities are just another example of state sanctioned abuse.

NZ is very authoritarian. We don't have a true democracy. There is no real change from election to election. It isn't like there is much difference of who is in and who is out no matter who wins the election. They don't bring civil servants with tehm.

That's the source of your misunderstanding...

Our politicians don't have teams of advisors such that public servants are hired or fired depending on who wins the election.

Fauci... Was tied to republicans.

We don't have that. Our civil servants stay.

That's what's so very particularly horrific about Ashley Bloomfield earning 500,000 per year for doing his job *no matter who wins the election*. It isn't like he needs to save because his future is uncertain. Hell, it isn't that he needs to save for his kids college education. They'll get all the very very best places because he's a senior official of NZ.

John Key sent his son to France, I believe. To bludge off their public health system, or similar. He didn't send him off to a residential hall in Dunedin... To be the victim of wrongful death as a balcony falls off a house or as he's crushed to death in a drunken stampede at a party or whatever whatever...

Apparently we are training people to deliver immunisations!

It's ingenious about the ultra-cold refridgeration requirement. It prevents teh GPS hoarding them to sell them to the highest bidder. Because they will expire. THough I'm sure that won't stop them. Unlikely to. Etc.

I genuinely do not trust the NZ government.

When it comes to me (as it has for so many others):

They broke the social contract.

I did not vote.

THey broke the social contract.

I am looking into citizenship etc etc. Refugee... Asylum... Different visas...

There's nothing for me, here.

They actually genuinely expect me to live out the rest of my days on disability throwing money away at slum lord landlords.

Oh, what a life.

So they can get richer and richer and richer and richer for themselves.

There's nothing here.

The tyrants and autocrats won't let the people develop.

They micro-mismanage everything worse.

People have said they see how NZ handled the lockdown and they understand how Nazi Germany happened. I didn't realise that the men who refused to go die for people on the other side of the world (in the name of England) were put into concentration camps in NZ. I did not know that.

I was also surprised to learn that the Universities would think nothing of violating the Statutes and refusing to process my Degree and application to Med etc etc. They all genuinely believe they just do whatever they want. They genuinely do not believe the rules apply to them / they genuinely lack the reading comprehension to understand the rules.

Good people can't do business.


Re: Babble, lawful ? alex

Posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 1:45:46

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? alex ert, posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 0:24:50

they broke the social contract. that's what i realise.

for a long time i trusted the government. i trusted the government and i was mistrustful of business. because i thought the idea was that the government was for the people whereas business was for a few individuals at the expense of everyone else.

but i have learned about how much governments oppress people. and i see what civil servants do all day. i hear about their bright ideas. i hear about the delaying and the procrastinating and them forcing through things they know the people don't want.

and they broke the social contract.

and becuase they broke the social contract...

i am not integrated in this society, at all.

i am not embedded in my commuity, at all.

i don't have economic freedom...

i can go through the list of rights. of human rights.

and point out how the New Zealand government has violated my rights.

times when I have protested / informed the Queen (who did not forward my concerns to the Attorney General) / informed Ministers of various departments / informed members of the opposition etc etc etc...

And they refuse to put things right. They ignore me.

They ignore me.

They don't listen.

They repeatedly violate my rights.

They steal from me.

They broke the social contract.

I spit in their faces.

Perhaps international community will feel sorry for them and throw them hand-outs.

Or perhaps international community will impose trade-sanctions and enable people to get the f*ck out.


Re: Babble, lawful ? alex

Posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 2:05:43

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? alex, posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 1:45:46


the government doesn't want to employ smart people. the government wants to employ minions.

one of my friends had to beg and scrape and bow for more than 12 months to get an entry level position working for the government.

her job was to go fetch documents she was requested to fetch and scan them into the computer.

in response to foreign requests for information.

then she started to learn more about the requests for information that were being made. and the terrible reasons that there were (that were never formally articulated) about why, sometimes, information would not be released.

for example, issues to do with checking on rightful succession / inheritance of pacific island leaders. what was released seemed to depend on what was in it for new zealand...

and then other people. the jobs they had. hearing about the jobs. hearing about what they thought their value was (why there was such a job etc). putting things together...

i did not want to join them. no.

in Australia they wanted to hire PhDs for the civil service. the think-tank.

we don't have / we don't want a think-tank. we don't want smart graduates to become part of a think-tank and help us come up with an ideology worth working towards. we want graduates who are compliant and uncomplaining who will do what they are told when they are told. often times the actual jobs are things that we don't want done. for example, we are grudgingly dragging our feet on compliance issues. we are required to have people in these roles and we actually intentionally hire incompetents who prevent the job from being done.

we don't hire PhDs. we don't like to hire people with masters. we want them young and silly and compliant as can be.

our leaders don't want a think-tank. they are the leaders. our leaders are our leaders. they do all the things. they write the rules. if they don't like the rules they wrote they change the rules. they don't command or instruct or employ anybody to enforce the rules. they don't collect the taxes they are owed.

it's just a f*ck*ng farce is all.


Re: Babble, lawful ? alex

Posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 12:05:44

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? alex, posted by ert on November 19, 2020, at 10:41:22

I don't get a look-in for jobs because they are looking for the youngest wide eyed teenagers they can find.

They want to pay minimum wage.

They don't want people to be competent -- particularly in government when so many jobs about about things the parliament doesn't want done.

Things like the judiciary. Things like police prosecution. The government doesn't want any of that.

Signing people off on their Degrees. The government doesn't want that. The government doesn't want to pay people the government wants the people to pay the government. The governmnent wants the people to sacrifice their lives for the government so the senior officials can have still greater riches and powers.

The government offers no protection for human rights.

Amnesty international is all 'there's nobody home' in New Zealand. Apparently Amnesty International is for people to go cry about / ineffectually complain about atrocities committed overseas (silly girl). We don't have anything to complain about in New Zealand (silly girl). In response to 'then why is there even an office in Auckland' I was told 'we write policy' I asked 'where is it, then? Where is the policy you have written'. Of course there wasn't any.

They mop up money to make sure nobody does the job they are paid to do.

Police prosecution?

Police don't read people their rights.
Police don't obtain search warrants, they unlawfully enter houses to collect evidence.
Police don't follow chain of evidence.
Police seem trained and instructed to ensure that nothing can be prosecuted in New Zealand.


Doesn't think it 'unreasonable' for Universities in New Zealand to refuse to act in accordance with Statute / to violate Statute (where Parliamentary Statute is our highest form of law). Doesn't think it 'unreasonable' for them to violate their own regulations when their own Calendar regulations are in accordance with statute. Doesnt' think it 'unreasonable' for them to come up with regulations that do violate Statute.

There's nothing you can say except that it would be better not to have an Ombudsman at all than to have such a grossly incompetent one. One who apparently can do whatever he likes because he is independent from teh Government.

That's how you get to be independent from the Government. You show yourself to be inept at something such that they will hire you to do a job they don't want done.

I wondered why so many people were very upfront about 'I don't really know why they pay me to do x because I feel like I have imposter syndrome'...

Well... That's teh truth of it. THink about it. Think about why they would want someone incompetent doing the job. Maybe they don't actually want the job to be done.

Just take the pay-off. The pay-out. Take the money and the titles given to ensure the job never is done.

Mostly exploitative...

It's the hierarchical thing about everybody trying to grubitty grub grub their way up teh hierarchy.

Apec is going digital.

That means that we'll have to contract out the building infrastructure to foreign IT and have the whole conference in their buildings. In their software programs.

There won't be any dodgey back-dealing. THe unofficial and informal business deals where leaders collude to sell out their own people...

No private meetings like that.


Our leaders are very... Through gritted teeth about it.

Who wants vaccines?
Who wants software?

Who allows their kids to be educated and contribute towards the production of the things that they need?

Who likes to keep slaves?

This is the end of the thread.

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