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theiving bastards

Posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2019, at 17:49:32


Remembering my Med School Interview...

Years ago now.

They asked me what 2 things I would invest in.

I say: Hubs. Because of my experience with this centre called the Hub. Of course it wasn't the name that was magical it was many other things about it. But I remember sharing that.

I say: Online stuff. Because we are okay with phone stuff (of course we are) and so moving into internet online stuff. I didn't say about here, particularly, but this was what I was thinking.

They 'rubbish rubbish pooh pooh'. They do not offer me a place.

They say 'wait outside for a few moments'.

I do.

One comes out. 'How do you think you did?' I say 'I'm not sure'.

THey were...


Dubious about my 'I didn't say abotu the Hub under volunteer experience because I wasn't a volunteer. Volunteering involves this whole process of applying and screening and rostered hours. I didn't do any of that. It was a youth centre. I went along a couple times and did what I could to help. That was all.

Dubious about my suggested investments.

Dubious about my 'let's have a discussion about Euthanasia'. I mean... It's not exactly demonstrating good knowledge of the health system to pretend like people aren't given lethal injections wehre the person delivering it doesnt' know full well the injection will result in the death of the person. It's disingenuous to pretnd to be so stupid as to not forsee that. Stupidity doesn't make a morally unacceptable action acceptable. So euthanasia... Is complicated.


We have Hubs here there and everywhere. Now. HOwever many years later. NOt doing any of the things that were great about them (that I meant to suggest encourage) but someone decided it was a good idea to thieve the name.

And here we have the son of one of the guys who interviewed me.

His son got a place, I see.

A job doing tele consults, even.

One of the first practices to develo online record sharing.

None of the good things I meant to convey...

But good thieving.

In a totally psychopathic way.

Good job. Well done.

I see why my Aussie GP did not respond when I asked her for a referral for a `good' one in NZ.

ffs people.



They thought i wouldn't catch on?

They just go: 'and what are you going to do about it?'

Living a life...

Biking the South Island.

Wonderful work ethics he's got there...

I f*ck*ng hate the nasty sh*t heap of a wasteland of a psychopathic f*ck*ng country.

Nasty people.





Re: theiving bastards

Posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2019, at 17:56:09

In reply to theiving bastards, posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2019, at 17:49:32

And of course the answer to that is that you leave. I mean you are in danger of becoming like the people you spend most of your time with. You don't want to spend time with people like that you might become like them.

And then you have to live with yourself. NO escaping that one.


Re: theiving bastards

Posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2019, at 17:58:06

In reply to Re: theiving bastards, posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2019, at 17:56:09

All these people...

They stand up proudly about all the great work they have done in their communities.

DO they really not see that they communities have been developing... Backwards? That things are worse for their communities now than when they were growing up there.

Do they really not see how they have prevented and prohibited the development of their peoples?


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