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nicotine withdrawl

Posted by rjlockhart37 on June 20, 2021, at 13:33:09

i'll give a heads up what happened, i gave up smoking because my mother said it stinked and wanted me to stop. So i transfered to vape. I use potent nicotine fluid, but about 2-3 weeks ago. I didnt change the coil, and the coil was black and i was inhaling that blackness into my lungs. I developed breathing problems, and i have been on every prayer line there is. I don't want to go doctor, because of bad news. I've had faith and prayed to god, to please have supernatural healing. It works, but then it comes back. I feel i have to go the supernatural relm for help because i feel like people are ghosts that just walk right through you and can't help. So....i've been devestated, and i keep having faith in god through prayer and deligent requests to websites online.

If i stop vaping, i will go thrrough nicotine withdrawl, and let me tell....iti will be hell, i stopped vaping for 1 day and was already needed the vape, i vaped a puff and immdiatly all the withdrawl went away,, it was like the body got back a vital substance. All the withdrawl went away after i vaped. Even writing this, my breathing right now is better through prayer. And i don't want it go back to not breathing correctly. It's a hard time right now. I don't want to be cry baby, and post freqently online but it's ... the only thing i can do.

Anyways, what is a good treatment for nicotine withdrawl....i know there's the patch, and nicotine gum butu it doensst replenish the adjustment of nicotine intake.

any responses would be good, thanks


Re: nicotine withdrawl

Posted by Rculater on June 20, 2021, at 16:15:05

In reply to nicotine withdrawl, posted by rjlockhart37 on June 20, 2021, at 13:33:09

Patches do replenish nicotine.
I have one on now and havent vaped for a week i feel fine. I will cut down to second lowest strength then lowest strength. Other than that, wellburtrin or nortriptyline can be useful if you want to go that route but seems a bit of a ball ache. Or cold turkey is the quickest. Check out whyquit on facebook.


Re: nicotine withdrawl

Posted by rjlockhart37 on June 21, 2021, at 14:40:42

In reply to Re: nicotine withdrawl, posted by Rculater on June 20, 2021, at 16:15:05

i wrote too much about this, i wrote this post in a frantic. I got prayer and im breathing better. For about 4 days i've thought i was gonna choke from breathng problems.... because of the issue.

I'm looking at the patch right now, i'm a moderate vape user so if i stop it signitifant nicotine withdrawl. I puff and ill have an antidepressant effect boost from the nicotine and there's something else that is in fluid because it doenst feel totally like nicotine. gives a AD boost when i vape. Quiting - 1. nicotine withdrawl 2. antidepressant feeling withdrawl

I'm breathing fine right now, but before i thought i was gonna sufficate, i got on every prayer line there is. Prayer worked. But still i have to take it healthy and quit. Smoking, i loved smoking ciggerttes, not just to do it, the antidepressant effect of smoking. The reward center that activates when you smoke. It stinked and transfered over.

thanks for the response, i wrote this post frantlily so that's why it might seem strange

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