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shortage of maois

Posted by rose45 on August 11, 2019, at 17:38:44

Shortage of phenelzine 15mg tablets (Nardil)
12th July 2019 London and South East Regional Medicines Information
Kyowa Kirin are the sole supplier of phenelzine tablets in the UK. They will be out of stock for a period of at least three months from the beginning of August until end of October 2019. Phenelzine tends to only be used in difficult to treat patients and many of these have been stabilised on this treatment for a long time. Given the difficulties in withdrawing treatment and initiating new treatments in patients stabilized on phenelzine it would seem advisable to maintain them on this treatment using unlicensed imports should they run out of supply. If there is potential for a patient maintained on phenelzine to run out of supply during this shortage, they should be urgently referred back to mental health specialist for advice on ongoing clinical management.


Re: shortage of maois

Posted by atypical on August 18, 2019, at 23:02:07

In reply to shortage of maois, posted by rose45 on August 11, 2019, at 17:38:44

Yikes. Glad, though, that it is recognized to help some folks and for a long time.

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