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came up with something, maybe...

Posted by Christ_empowered on August 10, 2019, at 20:27:22

20mgs/abilify+20mgs/Prozac. that's what is helping, but its kinda like...

i think maybe i need more of a lift than prozac can provide. its not stimulant seeking, waking up from a deep semi-slumber, and realizing....

holy psychotropics, batman! I'm sick now, and I used to be state hospital material!

it isn't really psychosis, though. my social skills are a lot better, I'm good about hygiene and keeping my place clean, im even cooking reasonably healthful meals...

maybe it really is/was some kind of hardcore psychotic depression? because...

i dunno. i was just thinking...

switch out 20mgs/Prozac for effexor+remeron...

or keep it (I guess?) and try to make a convincing argument for mirapex?

i want to keep the daily Rx psych drug intake at 3 or less. a prn is OK, but i dont want to turn my remaining brain cells into mush, please.

help? thanks. :-)


Re: came up with something, maybe... Christ_empowered

Posted by beckett2 on August 11, 2019, at 1:35:49

In reply to came up with something, maybe..., posted by Christ_empowered on August 10, 2019, at 20:27:22

I'm liking trintellix atm. Lexapro was great for anxiety, but after awhile, apathy and sort of fog set it (more than usual). Trintellix had a fog clearing effect. You could ask about it if you're thinking of Effexor. Although it's brand, and w/o insurance the price is steep. I liked effexor at the time, but it destabilizes my mood (BPll now).

Since you asked in you other post, I'm doing ok. This last addition of 10-15 mgs of adderall was like adding salt to the spaghetti water. Everything became a little better.


Re: came up with something, maybe...

Posted by linkadge on August 11, 2019, at 14:07:51

In reply to came up with something, maybe..., posted by Christ_empowered on August 10, 2019, at 20:27:22

I find that I often have mood congruent 'cognitive distortions'. A good sign that it's psychotic depression is that the delusions cease when your mood improves.

If fluoxetine is working, I wouldn't think that Effexor is any better. You can augment fluoxetine with remeron (as a substitute for abilify), but it's going to be more sedating. Nortriptyline or desipramine would give you more of a boost. You could switch to something like levomilnacipran if you want a more balanced reuptake inhibitor.

For the abilify, you could try a cross taper with another med. I wouldn't come off it quickly (although, it may be less likely to cause dopamine supersensitivity, owing to its partial agonist action).


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