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Trintellix (aka Brintellix???)

Posted by b2chica on August 18, 2017, at 18:50:23

Hello folks. Have been doing pretty well so haven't been around. Well, CorePharma stopped making my adderall med that aided so much with my depression and i have dropped like a rocket.

pdoc just rx'd Trintellix to augment my pristiq. i was searching the archives but can't find too much except that i kept seeing folks saying that Trintellix is (or is basically) Brintellix?

1. Is anyone on it, what kind of start up effects can expect?

2. SLS do you have some specs on the make-up of Trintellix??

3. SSRI's did not work well for me, will Trintellix be different? (read some folks say it works differently and is not really an SSRI?).

I have no appetite, daily crying spells, no energy, no desire, withdrawn...etc...

currently on:
Pristiq 100mg
Adderall 20mg BID (Started Monday on Mallinckrodt mfg)
Gabapentin 300mg 1-3xday PRN (currently taking 1 or 2.)
Ativan 1mg BID
Lunesta 3mg PRN
Ambien 12.5 PRN

also due to back injury
Motrin 200mg 4x daily
Tramadol 50mg 2-3x daily



Re: Trintellix (aka Brintellix???) b2chica

Posted by Clearskies on August 20, 2017, at 20:26:36

In reply to Trintellix (aka Brintellix???), posted by b2chica on August 18, 2017, at 18:50:23

I did not respond to Brintillex but am ramping up on Rexulti. Therapist thought these were mood stabilizers but pdoc said they're antipsychotics that work well on some depressive features. Mine are similar to yours.

Wacing hello,


Re: Trintellix (aka Brintellix???)

Posted by phidippus on October 7, 2017, at 16:14:20

In reply to Trintellix (aka Brintellix???), posted by b2chica on August 18, 2017, at 18:50:23

1. I've been on it. No noticeable start up effects.
2. SERT*1.65.4Inhibition
5-HT1B*3312055Partial agonist
3. Trintellix is a weak SRI and is billed as a serotonin modulator.


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