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air ionizers and mood

Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 13, 2017, at 21:37:07

this may sound really random, but a few months ago i bought a air ionzer for my room because of the cat's hair and their nasty litter clean the air, it does and it makes it go away, ...but later on i started noticing i had to turn it off because it was just altering my mind state, and i google this, and air ionzers send out negative ions into the air that clense, or remove odors or allergy chemicals, also like ciggerette smoke too....but after months, i can't really close the door with it on because whatever it does it does alter my mind state, did some research and it creates an ozone effect, which negative ions can change the mood, actually from what i read they have positive effects on mood.

these are studies i found:

but the only thing, and ionzer creates an ozone enviorement, and if left on too long, it can damage, to an extent severely cause health problems because of ozone effects, paticulary dangerous at long term exporsure

but it's effect on mood is somewhat beneficial, but still i can't leave it on for long because of this altered feeling from negative ions it generates into the air, but if you read they stated from studies that negative ions are beneficial sometimes for health, and some forms of depression

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