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How long do SSRIs act as anti inflammatory?

Posted by Prefect on January 15, 2017, at 13:00:09

Does anyone here know how long SSRIs act as anti inflammatories before that property fizzles out ?

The reason I ask is lately I've become a lot more interested in the inflammatory aspect of brain disease and I've come across vague research here and there that says anti inflammatory properties of SSRIs are only in the beginning when you start taking them, and at lower doses. But I can't find enough information to definitively draw this conclusion and make a decision. Especially since SSRI clinical trials are always so short.

I want to start experimenting with anti inflammatory supplements like circumin, etc, and the Luvox I've been on for 20 years has not only been useless for much of what I have, but also is getting in the way because it's a substrate to so many damn enzymes that is shared by supplements I want to take (like circumin). I want to titrate it down and just get rid of it. But before I do that I want to make sure Luvox isn't still acting as an anti inflammatory I should hang on to?

If I get worse after it I'll just change drugs, because it's not helping.


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