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wellbutrin xr

Posted by joe f on November 22, 2016, at 21:32:24

weaning off wellbutrin...went from 300 to 150 in a week....has been ok ....any thoughts on wellbutrin withdrawal


Re: wellbutrin xr

Posted by rjlockhart37 on November 22, 2016, at 22:55:07

In reply to wellbutrin xr, posted by joe f on November 22, 2016, at 21:32:24

wellbutrin i've never really had any problems coming off it, i noticed i was more calmer, wellbutrin used to make me content and alert, but also it gave me anxiety and i couldn't take naps during the day for some reason. Effexor has bad withdrawls, i don't think wellbutrin will have a significant just may have a depression/slump period

I got off wellbutrin, it worked well but it just didnt go well with me, I would be doing good, and then 2 weeks later, it got unpleasant......its a mild dopamine reptake inhibitor but nothing like abusable substances that produce a reinforcing effect of euphoria


Re: wellbutrin xr

Posted by Tony P on January 4, 2017, at 23:25:50

In reply to wellbutrin xr, posted by joe f on November 22, 2016, at 21:32:24

Was once switched directly from Wellbutrin to Celexa with no taper or crossover. No problem I could see from the Wellbutrin w/d, but Celexa was Hell for me. Thank heaven for Lexapro/Cipralex - my pdoc said 95% of the AD effect of Celexa and 5% of the side-effects!

I have since experimented with adding low doses of Wellbutrin to other AD and have had no particular problems stopping the Wb. I wouldn't be surprised though if there was some anhedonia, lack of motivation, etc.

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