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provigil is more jittery

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 20, 2016, at 18:07:18

i currently had a previous presciption to provigil, i take nuvigil's alot more smooth, and the r-isomer is 3 fold more on wakefulness and D2 agonist than modafinil.....

nuvigil is more of a smooth, than would take 600mg to be at a equal to 300mg of armodafinil, and it does produce a similar effect but there's more jitteryness, some anxiety, the S-modafinil in provigil is not very active, it kinda causes some anxiety and edgyness.... it does work in the brain, but the R-modafanil is much more potent, and longer lasting. Provigil wears off in 6 hours with me, while Nuvigil wears off in about 8 hours.....provigil has some added effects of wakefulness but basically the more psychoactive isomer is R-modafinil (armodafinil) could compare this to adderall/eveko to dexedrine, levo-amphetamine is in the racematic mixture and is less psychoactive but still provides stimulation more to norepinephrine while as dextro-amphetamine is more dopamine's a different kind of effect defiantly from armodafnil and modafinil ... if i want to be very awake and ready to do things, provigil, if want smoother and take on a night to just study-nuvigil.....i can fall asleep on nuvigil while as provigil it's not possible because of the s-modafinil isomer

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