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Latuda update...

Posted by Sheilac on August 25, 2016, at 12:39:51

This summer I went off Geodon due to severe akathesia. I then tried Latuda. I was up to 80mg and it totally took away my appetite, made me a little nauseous and gave me increased salivation, which was weird. Due to the increased salivation I ended up getting canker soars. I guess the inside of my mouth was all messed up.

Then I wanted to try Pristiq again, but my insurance wouldn't cover it.

My doc was on vacation so the on call doc called me in Abilify. In the past I've stopped Abilify due to weight gain. At first I just tried 2.5mg, but it did nothing for my severe depression, so I went up to 5mg and it's helping.

I don't really notice an increase in appetite, so I'm really keeping track of my weight. I lost weight on Latuda and have gained back about 4lbs since switching to Abilify.

I really hope the Abilify doesn't cause weight gain.

I also wish I could try the Latuda again, but I'm not sure I could handle the crazy salivation. Plus, I totally lost my taste buds. Nothing tasted good and I just didn't eat on Latuda.

Does anyone know if increased salivation goes away?


Re: Latuda update...

Posted by Christ_empowered on August 25, 2016, at 14:14:00

In reply to Latuda update..., posted by Sheilac on August 25, 2016, at 12:39:51

hey sheila. Thanks for keeping us all posted.

I know 0 about latuda. I don't think all that salivation could be a good thing, so...maybe just ditch it?

Abilify does...or can...cause weight gain. It has for me. I did read some small studies where they used high potency antioxidants, such as alpha lipoic acid, to prevent zyprexa weight gain. Keep in mind: zyprexa is notorious for causing terrible weight gain and metabolic problems.

The antioxidants helped. Someone here posted about a study in which they used a low dose (50mgs) of topomax to prevent zyprexa weight gain, and again: it worked.

So, I think there are ways you could prevent more weight gain from Abilify. When I took Adderall with Abilify, I didn't gain weight. Of course...that combo kinda felt...odd...but I didn't gain weight.

Some people use metformin for atypical-induced weight gain, to good effect. Maybe that's an option?

There's also the new Abilifies...Rexulti and Vrayrlar or whatever. I don't know how those are with weight gain, but they might be worth trying.

These days, I take a ton of wellbutrin (abilify wasn't enough for the depression), and that's stopped the weight gain and now I'm slowly dropping.

Thanks again for keeping us here posted and please keep on giving us updates. I'd kind of started to wonder where you'd gone off to.

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