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nardil poop-out: stop then restart?

Posted by order and chaos on May 30, 2012, at 13:06:43

I've read a lot of posts about nardil poop-out, and a few times people have mentioned either stopping nardil and then restarting, or just lowering it, and then going back up. Has this worked for anyone else?

I had been on 75mg of nardil for 3 years and my depression (bipolar) was significantly better, but then last year it pooped out, so it was increased to 90mg, which resulted in some improvement, but that was short-lived and it pooped out again...

Before looking into medications to augment the nardil, I am considering restarting (or decreasing and then increasing) it, but I'm worried about my mood getting even worse, or having to wait a very long time for results. (one psychiatrist suggested trying this, and another dr. does not see the point of doing that - so who knows...)

Has anyone had any luck with nardil augmentation? I've heard of lithium and TCAs being used, or perhaps other mood stabilizers? (I'm also taking seroquel, lamictal, klonopin (prn), and namenda (for OCD). I'm worried about switching to parnate b/c I've heard it's activating, which is the last thing I need b/c of the bp disorder and anxiety. I'm also thinking about augmenting with Riluzole (although it sounds like some people here haven't had much success w/it)

Thanks!! (and sorry for the length of this post...)

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