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Experencd NOTHING on Generic7.5-37.5mg of ADDERALL

Posted by Tarny on April 3, 2010, at 12:25:09

I just recently was diagnosed with ADD> i am 33yrs old. i was having a very difficult time concentrating, focusing, MEMORY, recall...etc...
I am NOT hyperactive.
I started on Stattera for a month. the only thing i got from Stattera was that i could never sleep...i was WIDE awake. and even if i got 3hrs of light sleep i was still wide awake when i got up in the am. SO there was a postive and negative to that.
I went back to doc cuz i felt no difference with the med. She put me on Concerta for 1 week and 1/2. the pharmacists said i *should* experience something the day i took it. again i felt nothing at all. not even being alert like strattera.
SO,,,,she started me on Generic Adderall 7.5mg 3x/day 4 days ago. i felt nothing the 1st day. and everyday since the 1st day i have increased the morning dose by 1 extra pill.
so i started on 7.5 in the morning and now at 37.5 in the morning....and i dont see or feel or experience ANYTHING different.
I have spoken w my pharmacists MANY times. we are both confused. i am not responding to any of these meds..........WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?
it seems everyone else responds at the 1st dose and i have taken 5x the initial dose in the a.m. and still havent experienced anything different from day to day. Could this be a SUGAR PILL??
Whats going on with me??? do i need a Branded Adderrall? or different manufacture of the GEneric Adderall? or try Ritalin?
i am frustrated and need some help! thx in advance for the help!

P.S. its a 7.5mg Blue Pill made by BARR


Re: Experencd NOTHING on Generic7.5-37.5mg of ADDE

Posted by Blahblahblah on April 3, 2010, at 12:25:09

In reply to Experencd NOTHING on Generic7.5-37.5mg of ADDERALL, posted by Tarny on April 1, 2010, at 22:04:57

Hey tarny, welcome to babble. I too have finally recently been diagnosed with add after years if struggling. Not yet medicated so your post has given me a good heads up. This post will prolbably get more responses with what you need if you post it in the medication board of babble. :) all the best.


Re: Experencd NOTHING on Generic7.5-37.5mg of ADDERALL

Posted by rnny on April 3, 2010, at 12:25:09

In reply to Experencd NOTHING on Generic7.5-37.5mg of ADDERALL, posted by Tarny on April 1, 2010, at 22:04:57

I have sleep apnea and I think it was one of the meds you mentioned that I was given to help me be less sleepy during the day. Forget it. I stopped taking it after a few days. I couldn't even hang in there long enough to see if side effects would wear off. Rarely but once in a blue moon a med will come along and knock me for a loop. Abilify did that too. I suffer from PTSD and recurrent major depression and the abilify was supposed to help increase the effects of the antidepressant. All it did was keep me eating day and night. My appetite soared and I already have a weight problem. So tootles to that one too. Someday psychiatry will look back and say "those poor people". So many meds and so few cure anything. I feel like I am living in the times when psychiatry was first introduced to the world and there were wierd things that were used to help we folk who need it. I mean the medicine scene is a mess in psychiatry. It is not comforting to read about medicines you are taking on a website and read "we don't understand how this medicine works". Meanwhile, the medicine doesn't work which could be a place to start.

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