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why do we have to trade brain or body

Posted by manic666 on April 7, 2009, at 13:46:08

if we have to give in to meds , we trade it off for every aliment. the meds help are brain but distroy our body,2 years ago i was working . ill but working construction.anxierty doing my brian in but my body was strong an sleek.benzo,s an beer what a cool pair of freinds before they kick you in the bollocks,now i carnt work i would be a accident waiting to happen . need meds that make me fat when i walk 5 mile a day , every limb on my body aches .had quarterzones in every jiont till carnt have any more,now i have a frozen shoulder , the doc said they only last a year . i said give me a quarterzone , he said sorry you reached your limit.meds make you better if you get the right one but what a price on our bodies, that if you get the right one, an the crap you go though to find it,i think we get a real bum deal dont you guys.i think the depression monster wants SHAFTING. you wake in the morning that is if you have sleeped , the wife will say you look bollock,st ?cheer,s lets swap bodies for the day you can take the black dog for a walk.we get a crap trade off thats for sure ,but hey were still cruising,stay safe my friends


Re: why do we have to trade brain or body manic666

Posted by garnet71 on April 7, 2009, at 18:25:01

In reply to why do we have to trade brain or body, posted by manic666 on April 7, 2009, at 13:46:08

Well if you don't mind an answer from someone who doesn't know much about medicine, I can only say that some types of alternative practictioners of medicine believe that ONLY the body has the ability to heal; drugs do not heal. The philosophy is to aid the body in healing ITSELF, rather than trying to heal our conditions and ailments. The body is a miracle; wasn't it designed to take care of itself?

Western medicine revolves around treating the symptoms, so I wouldn't expect to be healed from those techniques.

I also believe, in part, that by eliminating symptoms, we stifle our body's ability to heal itself. Oh, that's also why I never took cold medicines. lol

I guess the problem with that is that bacteria, parasites, and especially viruses may be more intelligent than humans in that they adapt to survive more efficiently and quickly than we do. Makes me wonder about evolution.


Re: why do we have to trade brain or body garnet71

Posted by Phillipa on April 7, 2009, at 21:23:14

In reply to Re: why do we have to trade brain or body manic666, posted by garnet71 on April 7, 2009, at 18:25:01

Garnet true the body was designed to heal itself. Look at the Indians and other cultures that use alternative stuff. Ever google the Edgar Caycee Foundation? Or ARE? Edgar was called the sleeping prophet and went into a trance and from many states away could come up with a rememdy. I heard all about him in VA Beach. Theres an institute there I'd frequent often when living there. Love Phillipa

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