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Lamictal and Vistaril (prescrip benadryl???)

Posted by NewHampshireGuy on June 24, 2008, at 15:17:37

Hello, I am not sure if I got the name right on the Vistaril...

I am diagonsed bipolar NOS. cannot take SSRIs. my worst symptom is insomnia/too much energy/brain doesn't shut off and racing thoughts/songs in head constantly, literally constantly

I have been on Lamictal for about a total of a month, on 50mg for about 10 days now and think it has helped a bit, stopped some mania I think, but not completely having me feel 100% "normal". closer than I was before it though I think which is promising. at least I have been sleeping with this Vistaril

Can Vistaril/benedryll be taken long term for sleep? Do you build a tolerance to it easily? I am sure it addicting, but if it helps me sleep then I don't mind being addicted

just trying to avoid the benzo and ambien route if I can for long term sleep problems if I can't find a medication that completely balances me to sleep normally

Also, have any studies shown Lamitical to be so-called toxic or any made out of anything that causes cancer it rats so to speak?



Re: Lamictal and Vistaril (prescrip benadryl???)

Posted by always_doing_laundry on June 29, 2008, at 21:56:06

In reply to Lamictal and Vistaril (prescrip benadryl???), posted by NewHampshireGuy on June 24, 2008, at 15:17:37

Hi ... I have epilepsy and take Lamictal as part of my treatment regimen. I also was recently started on vistaril to counter the rash I keep developing from increased dose of the Lamictal. It definitely makes me sleepy, but I haven't found a tolerance to it ... makes me just as sleepy every time I take it, just not as itchy :)

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