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Posted by nina garcia on June 28, 2008, at 5:01:26

clobenzorex is a very good diet pill but you have to use it as 'directed' its 30m but its very strong you have to be over weight in order to us this drug if your trying to loose 5or10p dont buy it.Im 4'9 was 192 lost 25 pounds in 1m safely exercising eating good YOU dont have to stop eating what you like eather I give it 100%garentee to work will now Im 167p still loosing, I Lost inches it realy helps you to say no to food so you wont eat as much you will see that youll eat small portions of food it realy triggers the brain telling you how small amount you wont after that you wont see food like you use to it aint your friend just your enamy. IT'S#1

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