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Posted by Jinga on April 8, 2007, at 9:38:10

My message regarding Oxytocin is primarily directed to women, as we have more ability to naturally produce the Oxytocin hormone (at least that has been my findings, but then again I have been concentrating on the Oxytocin hormone/peptide & and the resulting affect on women in particular).

Both medical journals and history suggest women actually have an Oxytocin 'button' if you will, better known as 'Nipple Stimulation'. Both Medical Journal’s & history, state it is the first line of defense in bringing on child labor, lactation, and sexual arousal primarily as well as other states of well being such as stress relief. In all of these 'states of being', nipple stimulation is recommended in order to start the body’s natural production of Oxytocin which in turn starts contractions, the production of milk and sexual arousal (in the primary states of well being).

The general populous tends to think of nipple stimulation as a direct correlation to sexual arousal *only*. To suggest to a woman she stimulate her nipples is rather hard in most cases simply because her mind is on the primary task at hand (child labor, lactation & sexual arousal - the later, especially in long-term relationships).

My interest in Oxytocin was initiated quite by accident in that I invented a device that was initially intended as an alternative to Nipple ‘piercing’. Yes, a non piercing form of jewelry. Flooded with comments from customers on how it re-awakened sexual desires, helps women with lactating problems, and relieves stress. My curiosity caused me to delve deep into the mystery of nipple stimulation, why it is recommended, what reactions it causes, and finally the how/why it causes women to produce their own Oxytocin.

Realizing this device (although decorative) has the potential to assist in so many areas of women’s lives I presented it to the FDA. Their response was that this device appeared to be an ‘acupressure’ device, which had no ‘classification’ and ‘nothing to be compared to’. It was agreed we could sell the device as a means of ‘sexual arousal’, but not for any of the other afore mentioned states of well being or conditions. It was *strongly* recommended we contact the OBGYN branch of the FDA for further clinical studies of the Oxytocin phenomena (by this device). However, not being a major pharmaceutical company, the paper work and funding is going to be a long process, although we are plodding forward with it. Being considered a ‘back burner’ item as a nobody with nothing to offer is a lose to this arena, but I digress.

Please note, research has indicated that nipple stimulation is also a boon to *some* men’s sexual arousal as well, although the oxytocin factor is not as prevailing. It seems that other hormones (in men) tend to dissolve ~to some degree~ the positive affects of Oxytocin, but does indeed cause it to spike more in a bonding/trust mode, and in all probability even as a stress reliever.

Dare I mention this product can be seen at <a href="">Nipple Huggers</a>?


Re: Oxytocin

Posted by Tom Twilight on April 8, 2007, at 15:17:54

In reply to Oxytocin, posted by Jinga on April 8, 2007, at 9:38:10

Interesting post

Does nipple stimulation only work for women?
As you've probably guesed I'm male!

You made some interesting points though.
Apparently in China they use nipple stimulation to help women in Labour.

Its a well kept secret but GHB can also help women in labour.
Herasy to say anything positive about it even here :(


Re: Oxytocin

Posted by Jinga on April 8, 2007, at 18:08:02

In reply to Oxytocin, posted by Jinga on April 8, 2007, at 9:38:10

In some men it has been proven to increase sexual desire - definately. With regard to a Oxytocin spike, I am really not sure as my research naturally let me down the path of Oxytocin in women.

Actual piercing has been said to lend to sexual arousal in both sexes, however like ear pirecings at a relatively early point the 'feelings/stirings' of a piercing turn into something comparable to wearing a ring. The uniqueness of Nipple Huggers is that the wearer controls 100% f both the size AND the tension. Tension I believe being the key to each individual. I should also mention while we have designed numerous styles, it is the "Lacy & More" style being pursued for FDA OBGYN approval. Like anything, if worn 24/7 you will eventually lose the Oxytocin spikes.

China is not the only country that uses nipple stimulation to bring on contractions, midwivery (sp?) here in the US uses it as well as I beleive they are called doula's (I did not venture off into their area of expertise - trying to keep directive on the straight and narrow). Too many lanes and only one car - ya know?


Inappropriate post, not relevant ..Bye, Bye (nm)

Posted by stargazer on April 8, 2007, at 22:52:13

In reply to Oxytocin, posted by Jinga on April 8, 2007, at 9:38:10

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