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Lexapro tremor and exhaustion

Posted by megj on November 16, 2005, at 23:38:54

I'm just about 5 weeks into taking Lexapro. At first this stuff put me through the roof and I needed constant Benzo action to calm me down or put me to sleep. Now I'm starting to get tired by 6 pm and yawn like crazy. When I get this way, I start getting a bit of a tremor as well. Not only in my hands but also in my gut. Like hunger except I'm not hungry. I don't feel sleepy per se, just exhausted and not up to running a marathon if you know what I mean.
After meals is the worst. I get so darn worn out and foggy headed that it's hard for me to concentrate at times.
Has anyone else experienced this? If so, does go away eventually or do you have to take something else to help it? Thanks for any insights...

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