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Serzone and Alcohol

Posted by dopey on August 17, 2005, at 17:13:17

Hi everyone. New on this site. I take 300 mg of Serzone/day, have been for a few years. I find that when I occasionally have too much to drink, I get really amazing hangovers. Not like I used to get back before meds. Not much in the way of headache, but unbelievable nausea and vomiting. OK, I know I just shouldn't drink enough to be getting a hangover, but it's not like it's an every-weekend thing or anything. But occasionally I do, and last night was one of those occasions, and today I am suffering. Could it be the combination?

I am also on Nexium, by the way, and am also researching to see if either the Nexium or the acid reflux could be the cause (sounds likely, I know).

Any similar experiences with Serzone?

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