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is Abilify adversely indicated for alcohol abuse?

Posted by squaw16 on July 14, 2005, at 21:52:16

Dear everybody,
I have been taking Abilify for 3 months because of schizoaffective disorder. I am also dual-diagnoses - I have cravings to binge-drink. I read in a post here that Abilify decreases dopamine levels, which would seem to me to cause even worse drink cravings. However, I also read on a website that Abilify tends to "level out to normal levels" the dopamine, whether it's too high or too low. If this is true, you'd think my drink cravings would level out, too. My doctor finally put me on klonipin, which he says affects the same receptors as alcohol. Does anyone know which receptors they are and how klonipin is supposed to work on them? I've been taking it a week and haven't noticed diddly as far as reduced alcohol cravings. I would really appreciate a response to these questions if anyone has any information.


Re: welcome! (nm) squaw16

Posted by Dr. Bob on July 16, 2005, at 23:13:09

In reply to is Abilify adversely indicated for alcohol abuse?, posted by squaw16 on July 14, 2005, at 21:52:16

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